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Arrow [News] New member registration has been temporarily reopened

Yup, due to a lot of requests i have reopened new member registration to Animeboards

Well get ready to welcome even more new members
be afraid... Admin cap is back... !
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Aww... Do we have to?
If the world seems bleak, and your life feels meaningless - then it is. Grow up, Emo Kid.
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Fun game....Guess bbc0's new identity
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Well thank God I didn't have to wait until June 2 (I think) to post
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the member registration was closed??
oh so thats why no one new has been here in a while...
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Temp,why only temp?
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new people!!
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Originally posted by Schizm
Fun game....Guess bbc0's new identity

oh god oh god oh god

Please please PLEASE! tell me that your joking.
Tell George you want a Naruto Forum!

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bbc0 has a new identity

oh and why were the registering closed any way
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Even if bbc0 makes a new ident it will be very easy to find out who he is.... he has a rather unique posting style eh?
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well bbc0 if your readin this go away...

as for opening the registration...
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Originally posted by 928GTS
Temp,why only temp?
Maybe he wants to limit the amount of people coming to the boards.
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oh damnit you guys are so mean
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