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I just watched this last night and I was wondering what everyone's opinion was of it. I really only liked the first episode and that one was really the only one that the title "Memories" seemed appropriate. I know not much story line can get developed into 3 seperate short stories, but I guess I expected better. "Stink Bomb" was okay, but "Cannon Fodder" didn't seem like anime at all to me and it was really boring and had a bad ending. Perhaps I am missing the hidden/deep message in these stories, but really only the first one really interested me. Sorry I'm not going into any details as I don't want to make this a spoiler for anyone who hasn't seen it
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Apparently (I got this from the Miyazaki Mailing List) Terry Gilliam really likes "Cannon Fodder". And I do too - it's like one of those grim war documentaries. If you've ever see the collection called "Robot Carnival", it's like the segment called "Clouds" - all atmosphere, little action.

"Stink Bomb" is really silly and ridiculous - good for a bit of fun. Reminds me of "Roujin Z".
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