View Poll Results: What is you Favorite Anime Series?
Ah! My Goddess! 6 1.78%
Berserk 3 0.89%
Blue Seed 0 0%
Bubblegum Crisis 11 3.26%
Card Captor Sakura 8 2.37%
Cowboy Bebop 33 9.79%
Dragonball 15 4.45%
El Hazard 2 0.59%
Furi Kuri (FLCL) 13 3.86%
Fushigi Yuugi 6 1.78%
Gundam 3 0.89%
Gunsmith Cats 1 0.30%
Inu Yasha 5 1.48%
Love Hina 18 5.34%
Magic Knight Rayearth 3 0.89%
Neon Genesis Evangelion 77 22.85%
Outlaw Star 5 1.48%
Pokémon 2 0.59%
Ranma 1/2 9 2.67%
Record of Lodoss War 2 0.59%
Robotech 4 1.19%
Rurouni Kenshin 30 8.90%
Sailor Moon 9 2.67%
Serial Experiments Lain 8 2.37%
Slayers 11 3.26%
Tenchi Muyo 13 3.86%
The Big O 0 0%
Trigun 15 4.45%
Utena 9 2.67%
Vision of Escaflowne 16 4.75%
Voters: 337. You may not vote on this poll

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Agh...what happened to flame of recca..? ~.~()
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i can't believe utena got only 5 votes, it's wayyy better than eva IMO ::hide from pointy knifes thrown at her::
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Originally posted by heerogf
i can't believe utena got only 5 votes, it's wayyy better than eva IMO ::hide from pointy knifes thrown at her::
I agree with you, but we simply have to look at the Utena forum's occupation rate to understand such a low result. I consider myself partialy to blame for that, i see Utena is a series were there would be a lot of things to discuss, but as i've yet to see the whole series i can't join in and bring on lots potent discussion.
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wow, eva is ahead by some margin, I voted for eva myself, though I wanted to vote for another anime too....
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Seventh Child
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Its not really surprising seeing as this is forums. The majority of ppl came here first b/c of Eva.
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Glenn MeisTriumph
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I picked Cowboy Bebop..damn i love that anime!
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Fukiya Yuma
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No Yami no Matsuei T_T well I suppose there wasn't much hope for it, not many people have even heard of it LOL, anyway, no YYH either. So I go with Utena ....
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This is quite different from Anime shack...
most people there would pick either escaflowne, some sort of gundam, or dragon ball z...

I picked escaflowne, though i was considering bubblegum crisis or lain
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Fukiya Yuma
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Well between the two you apparently have all the ones popular in america being voted for. ^^;; I don't know about the rest of the world. Italians like JoJo's apparently :D
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Unhappy So hard to decide...

About four on there are my favorites(MKR, OLS, and Escaflowne) but since Cowboy Bebop is sooo cool, it got my vote. Go Spikey!!
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So Full of Mercy
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Trigun alllllll the way.
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Project Akira
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I just started watching it but Cowboy Bebop is really awesome. Not much else like it in anime and it has the best soundtrack of any series that I've seen!
If by high art you mean it's fun to smoke pot and look at Mike Mignola's art, I'm in total agreement.
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Gundam Wing or Eva... Gundam Wing or Eva... I CAN'T TAKE THIS KIND OF PRESSURE!
"Everyone has a right to be stupid. Some just abuse the privilege."

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I must say that my all time favorite series is Trigun. Vash's crazy antics are always a great pick me up if I'm down. The whole series is great overall. I wish the ending had come to more closure though. That really bothers me... O_o
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WHAT??? I'm the only one to vote for pokemon???? what kinda anime fans are you guys? I mean sheesh! it's got the most intreguing story line... A TALKING MEOWTH!!!!

no... seroiusly.. I did vote for pokemon cause that's one I knew wouldn't win. and I like it. although it's under Eva, FLCL, CB, trigun, etc... so heh
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