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ack the troll
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Hey from GrafixMan...

Hey everyone... just a note to do the intro thing. Believe it or not, there are some of us anime fans in Montana also! Not many, but a couple.

Glad to be here!

Al (AKA Ack)

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EVA fiend
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Hiya ack the troll, & welcome to AB!! Enjoy your stay!!
And yet more bollocks..,

"Touch not the pussy without a glove" - McPhearson clan motto ala IAL :P
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I'm not a doll
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Hi ya ack the troll and welcome to the best place on the net

hope you have alot off fun here at AB
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Enjoy your stay at ab
The old sayings goe "Practice makes perfect" and "Nobodys Perfect"

....then why practice???
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Welcome to AB

Humping bob says Hi too
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The Captain
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Welcome aboard!
"What saves us is to take a step. Then another step. It is always the same step, but we have to take it." - Antoine de Saint Exupery
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hiya welcome to AB
"We are not living, but merely existing out of the fear of dying"
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Oogami Ichirou
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heya there and have some fun at the miraculous ab!
"Then you pitch that chicken!" - Master Shake
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welcoem to AB

This sig is best viewed with a computer and a monitor
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hey welcome to animeboards!
enjoy your stay!
The truth is you could slit my throat and with my one last gasping breath I'd apologise for bleeding on your shirt.
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Mhhh this Pizza is good....

Oh hi ack the troll !Welcome to AB.
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Welcome to AB and enjoy your stay here!!!!
Rei Ayanami: "I wonder. Do you pilot Eva only for the praise of others?"
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Montano? Wow..... i hope you can get a good amount of anime flow from where your at. But anyways Enjoy your stay here! Oh don't forget to watch your step!
Tell George you want a Naruto Forum!

I bid 30,000$ on Nairohe... and I've got the bruises to show for it. :lol:
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Hello and welcome to AB!

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