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(4/11/00 12:17:42 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del All What is the Human Complementation Plan ?
This is the Red Cross Book's explanation


[Human Complementation Plan]
A plan to induce artificial evolution for human, who had reached an impasse in becoming a colony of worthless, to become a total single-form organism.

It was under the direction of SEELE, and the secret agency NERV was the implementation organisation. However, the expectations of SEELE seems to be different from the objective of NERV (which means the objective of Gendou and Fuyutsuki).

EVA was in fact not planned as a weapon. It was built with the aim to realise this plan. More specifically, it seems that the plan is to artificially start the Third Impact, thus erasing all human, and after human shed their physical form, they will then evolute into a new stage.


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(4/12/00 12:15:01 am)
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At the risk of seeming that i just want to post, i must say that this is something which i find trouble to get my head around. (in a way)

i would really like for someone to put in SHORT (i mean it) and easy to understand language what the differences between the two plans are.

I only have vauge ideas at the moment but if someone could start the ball rolling im sure i could say something worth reading


(4/12/00 12:53:22 pm)
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Re: What is the Human Complementation Plan ?
Sorry my responses tend to be rather large dont they?
Point form then;

Keel Lorenzt = Wandering Jew, real old, life full of pain, never ending, wanted third impact, all beings would merge with him making him like a god, possessing all the things the System Siphroica States, Also he could finally rest, other memebers of Seele, probably were misguided and dint understand fully what Keel had planned. Or just very dedicated to the idea that mankind should be clensed and involve.

We not excatly nerv, Gendo wanted to be the centre being which everyone merged into, wanted to see Yui again inside Unit 01.

Both were being selfish, both had simphatetic justifications for their actions.

Hope that was breif and simple.

(5/13/00 2:09:19 am)
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Thought's i'd bring back this thread since were on the topic
be afraid... Admin cap is back... !
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