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Question Which one is [insert member name here]

If you want we can give a brief description so we can ID each other when we meet.

Well i'll most liekly be wearing a large grey jacket, i'm about 6', also have shoulder length dirty blonde hair......oh yeah.....i'm also male .
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I'm thinking of putting on my blacks pants and my black jacket and my charcoal jumper...I got these clothes recently, they remind me kinda of what Kaji wears actually...but no ---- there are so many people that go to minotaur's that wear black, it's a bit of a joke really. Last time I was there I was wearning khaki green pants and a black jacket...and there was another guy there wearing the exact same thing as was freaky...and everybody else was wearing black top to bottom pretty much...
well.....that's weird...
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Oh, okay, already got my wardrobe picked out for that day . .

I'll probably be wearing my CR black jacket, um, my red long sleeve shirt, white cargo pants, white and black sneakers, black watch, black belt, white socks. . . and, well, I really don't think you need to know what colour underpants I'll be wearing

Lets see, I'm about 5'2, fairly slender, asian, wears glasses and I've got black hair tinted with purple styled up in spikes . . .

Um, I'll probably be wearing my black strap bag as well . . .

Oh, and I'm male too . . . just in case you couldn't tell . . .
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ok welll

I have black hair again so it'll be all spiked up, im like 1.8m tall

but i'll be wearing a Adidas white puffy jacket*reversable one*

probley creamy yellow pants

Vans shoes and i'll probley be looking up because its only my 2nd time i have been there (i think i have been there another time but i was too young to remember)


i'll carry a sign saying Fireyskull for ya

oh i'll probly be having a blue and black billabong back
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Well... I'll be wearing black cargo pants, a white and blue jacket, runners...
If you are out to describe the truth, leave elegance to the tailor.
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Unfortunately, to my dismay (no offense guys) but my parents aren't willing for me to meet at Minatour. (but it's Ok a the festivle for some reason!) So I'll meet you at the fest, Hopefully! I know Israfel which helps, but here's my description:

I'm going to be the most handsome bloke in the place.....

Any way, I'm about Five foot eight. I've got dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. I'm 13 but i look about 16, and I gell my hair back, or at least i fight it to go that way (it usualy wins in the end). I'm going to try to wear deep blue denim jeans, orange billabong tee-shirt and a deep red cordaroy shirt. Oh yeah and meangy nike shoes.

Hope to see you at manifest!

PS I my name is Alex but i respond to the name of Slick (because of my hair.
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I'll be wearing a black adidas soccer shirt with wihte on the shoulders and black pants. I'm about 6'2, so I'm pretty tall, and I have short black hair, and most likely I'll be wearing my oakleys

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Seeing that me Beno and Alfonts will be coming as a little group I addes a description for all of us... Awwwwww, ain't I nice!

Israfel= Ben
Height= around 5'5
hair colour= brown
Age= 14

Alfonts- Alex
Height= around 5'8 as he said
hair colour= black
age= 13

Beno= Ben
height= around 4'8
hair colour= brown

I'm the oldest! (2cd tallest! YAY )
I think you've had enough Ben!

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