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*dies laughing* Oh my God! That is so great! He's like "did you go to some gayhentai site or something?" and that is SO funny!

Sorry I haven't been around recently *stamps a "Survived Birthday" seal of approval on PA's head* I've been moving into my dorm room. My big plan was to survive off of cans of soup because I have a microwave but I'm not allowed to have a hotplate. (There's go my "Living Like Kiki" pancakes diet) But did you know that this is impossible until I have a can opener? I had some jello for dinner last night. Mmmm... jello...

Dude, Sam, on the comp I bought from you you have the Sailor Moon RPG. That is... so Engrish. Oh my God.

Luna: "What wrong?"

Usagi: "I getting strange vibes from the people of the city."

Or how about the fact that, no matter what, they all smile. They could be saying "We failed to protect the King!" (Haruka and Michiru) or "I fell right into their trap. I'm sorry Sailor Moon." (Jupiter) and they'll still be beaming like idiots.


I need to buy a can opener now.
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oh god, lol. he's so pissed. this is great! eheh, do i win? or what? thank you for the b-day seal!
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I should certainly say so. That's a point for PA. Hey, it's time for me to post some scores!

Samari - 1 point
PA - 1 point

It's PA's turn to post a dare, I shall continue to pass judgement on the posts to see if they live up to the dare. If you're name is not listed on the point list then you have no points. I cannot take dares as I am the Head Goddess now (jeez, that's weird) but how does this sound? We'll play to thirty points, with one point for each completed dare. You cannot carry out your own dare (For instance, Sam couldn't carry out the last dare because she was the one who came up with it)

At thirty points, the top three will enter a "SPECIAL BONUS DARE ROUND! QUICK QUICK!" which will last for seventy two hours, and whoever has the most points at the end of that will get first place and... um... *looks over at Noin* do we have anything?

Noin: Bunches of your artwork. Um... some text books. Jell-O. Cans of soup we can't open.

Well, I'll think of some sort of prize for the winner. Good luck!
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*rubs eyes*

After spending the greater part of a week's worth of lunchtime at work reading this thread, I've decided to close it. There is too much chit-chat going on and too much potential for more to occur. I'm also not very amused with the dare and it's results. If you want to start another thread that focuses on random anime (the quizzes here were pretty good), then feel free to do so. If you want to start another thread in Chit Chat dedicated to the Goddesses, then feel free to do so. But it doesn't belong in here.

Any comments or complaints can be PMed to myself.

Magnifisyncopathological, because other people are not your property.
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