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What's next after Eva???

For starters I'm posting this here because the general Population can see it, and I have no idea where else to post this

O.K, now that all of the Eva DVD's have been relised (Apart from the movie, I know, I know) I have decided to get into another Anime. So I went to the City and went to the Anime Shop and asked "What's Next???" He told me that Lain was good, as was Bebop, and some other one that like Lain (Forgot what's it's called). But the problem was, I don't have a World Zone DVD player. So I asked him what's the best out now that's can play on my Australian DVD. And he suggested Nadesico. So I brought the first volume. Anyway, Is there anything else out in Australia that I should go for as well??? And remember Bubblegum Crisis dosen't could because it's screening on SBS (Even if it is the last episode tomorrow)
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Whatís next ((thatís out in AUS)) hehe now that's just funny ,,

Now lets see what the choice is > bubble gum, maybe if you were little younger that is.... What can I say its out of date by far ((and yes I do mean 2040 bubble gum..

Gunsmith cats, well there's one DvD ,, so yeah ...

Lain you have to wait a little for ,, (( not too long tho ))

Nadesico is the last one left (( that's worth my minds thought ))

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Well I am a bit rusty on what has and has not been released in Oz. I get most of my anime from overseas so ^^

There are the Kenshin OAV's, I saw them in a shop the other day. They aren't called Kenshin here though they are Samurai X or something. They are a good watch.
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I'd just go international so my sudgies are:

Love Hina, Read or Die, Inuyasha or some older stuff like ... Megami Kohousei (Canditates for godess/pilot) or night warriors for some no brainer hank 'n slash action. Of course there IS Beserk and Bastard ... VERY interesting. And of course Vandread (Gonna watch that this weekend .. or maybe Gasaraki).
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