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Talking Overlap: My first BGC fanfic to be shown

This is my first BGC fanfic ever to leave my notebook of fanfics.
Please don't be too critical on it; it's still in draft form, and yes I know, the first page is boring.
It actually, as you might have realised, is a part of a series of fanfics involving the same characters, and this is my last with these set of characters.
This is the first three pages I think; good opinions or hints on how it can be improved will be appreciated. Thank you so much


-3rd February 2040-

Bought ticket to Tokyo.

This will be probably be my last ride on the skyhook. Actually, it had better be – my visa expires next month. Then I can go to Amsterdam to exhibit my photo collection and visit Langley. Although the photo collection is a cover-up of my life – just a hobby, meeting Langley is all business – a dance with death.

Likewise, I have 2 reasons for being in Tokyo; one is to capture the mythical Knightsabers on film – the other is to meet someone for Langley. I do not yet know who this is; further instructions will be given when I meet that person.

I do not know, or try to know, the who, what, and why elements of Langley’s commands. I understand it to be a threat to my life; I suspect it to be a threat to Langley. I do not question however; He questioned and He was dealt with. I do not want to be dealt with – therefore I do not question in the first place.

A large multi-vision screen is showing the 2-o’clock express. How the skyhook operated will for ever be a mystery to me. It only seems ordinary to the millions of passengers it carries each day; to them it is just a convenient mode of transport – a machine. I look at the multi-vision screen again. The frame is too large and jagged; a lot of friction and pressure must be dealt with while it operates. It must be a hinderance, a barrier to the speeds it was designed to perform.

I shake my head abruptly to put the thought out of my head. A hairpin falls out, nd I turn my head to look for it. At that moment, a sniggering street rat shoves me past, and reaches out my hand to strike my handbag down. “Old country rat ain’t ya?” he yells as he runs past, dissolving amongst the crowds. I look down. Of course my handbag is not there any more. It has been swept away by the thousands jostling in this small space at rush hour time. My ticket. It’s in that handbag. Dammit!

Someone taps my shoulder. I turn around. Brown hair, glasses. “Lookin’ for this?” he drawls as he hands be back my bag. Tarheel accent? Can’t be. I survey his appearance. Orange & Pink combo – must be lacking in the fashion department, or had a tough day at the laundry, or gay. Whichever it is, there’s no need to worry about pick-up lines. Something about his manner – police?

“Thank you, officer,” I turned around to walk away. He jumped back in surprise.
“Hey, wait, don’t leave me here!” I obeyed his command.
“You some kinda psychic?” From his expression, I saw that he was greatly puzzled.
“ I am not sure whether I am one, but I am sure that wasn’t a pick-up line,” I answered.
“How?” this man was perplexed, and was now squinting his eyes, trying to glare the trick out of me.
“Easy, it’s because you’re not attracted to girls.”
“Ok, so I AM gay, but just HOW did you know that?”
“That’s easy too. You wear pink, and police officers don’t wear pink.”
“Whoa, whoa girl, don’t go all psychic on me! So I am in the AD police – but how did you know that?!”
“Women’s intuition.” I smiled as I excused myself, leaving him stranded on the platform.
I really needed to catch that express.

* * * * * * *

Linna pushed her chair in as she stood up.
“That should be my 2 o’clock express.” She said as she took a glance at the screen.
“And I got a band rehearsal. Gotta work over the bridge. Well, we’ve played hokey enough, haven’t we?”
Linna nodded. “Yeah, and I gotta face that durned boomer woman after the lunch break. She said she wanted to see me.” She grimaced as thoughts of what the discussion was going to be entered her head.”
“Well, looks like the rest of the world is waiting for us to move on. I’ll see ya tonite.”
With that, Priss picked up her jacket, and in the distance Linna heard Priss’s motorcycle start up, then speed away.
Linna sighed, then checked into the terminal.

* * * * * * *

Daley was staring into his coffee. Women’s intuition. Like he hadn’t thought of that.
He felt a tap at his shoulder.
“C’mon Daley, you weren’t like this. You’re the one who teases me when I’m depressed, not the other way around.”
Daley twisted his mouth into some sorta smile. “You’re gloating over this, aren’t ya?”
“No, how could I be overjoyed about…Okay, maybe just a little.” Leon grinned as he scratched the back of his head. “What IS the prob? You looked happy until the lunch break.”
“Leon, just shut up, okay? Your consolations are just another nightmare that I need to get counselling about.”
“Hey that’s not a nice remark! I’ll shut up after this - will going out with me make you feel better?”
“Look, Leon, just because I’m gay it doesn’t mean that I want to go after every dunce on the highway alright?”
“Well, I want to go after every chick on the highway, provided she’s pre….Whoa, Nene! I didn’t know you were here!”
Nene smirked as she walked out of her cubicle. “Every chick huh? Wait until Priss hears THIS, Leon-chan! Now you definitely blew your only chance to get her e-mail.”
Leon was now grabbing at anything to get out of the mess. “Nene, I really didn’t mean anything in that context…”
“Yes you did, sunshine, and now you gotta pay for it! Nyah!”
Here Nene stuck her tongue out, and skipped down the corridor yelling out a “Good afternoon, everyone! I’m taking t’nite off!”
Leon slammed his head into the wall.
Daley chuckled. He couldn’t help noticing he sudden facial change from gloating to pissed off in that monkey’s face. “Lemme guess your next comment – you’re gonna say ‘damnit how in the name of Heaven did this turn to a kiddie shack?’ – Right?”
Leon was surprised. “In fact that was exactly what I was going to say! Hey, how did you know?”
“If I was a gal, I’d call it women’s intuition. But since I’m not, I call it getting used to your IQ.” With this, Daley left, leaving Leon stranded.
Leon stared after Daley for a few seconds, then he regained his intelligence.
“Hey, partner, wait….”

* * * * * * *

Linna was the last to arrive, bursting in on Sylia with dishevelled hair and work clothes still on.
“That durned boomer executive found out about my hacking attempt and made me mop the whole office floor.” She grumbled as she plonked herself between Nene and Priss.
Priss raised her finger. “Can we commence the important meeting now?”
Nene raised an eyebrow, but Sylia sent a look at Nene before any comments were made.
“Well, yes, we should begin.” Sylia started, and Nene buried herself deeper into the couch.
“So what is it? The rogue boomer we did yesterday came back alive?”
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Second part

This is the second part....about a page and a half long, I think.

"No! Not that kind of thing, Priss!" nene was indignant.
"Be quiet and let Sylia speak." A voice rang from behind. It was Nigel.
"Yes, we've had enough bickering as it is. I am really surprised at you, Priss." Linna piped up.
"Hey! Do you mean you expect that kinda behaviour from me all the time?"
Linna started to open her mouth, but Priss beat her to it.
"Of course, Nene. Remember when..."
"And could I ask you people to be QUIET!!!" Sylia was fast losing her control.
"I'm sorry. So what is it about?"
nene sighed, and Sylia fixed her a look so cold Nene cringed into the couch cushions.
"It's about time. I know we are all at the edge of the cliff what with rogue boomers appearing one after another, and the fact that the AD Police had issued new death warrants haven't helped it at all. But what I have called you up for is not that. In fact I want you to be fitted into the new suits me and Nigel desinged."
Priss raised her finger. "May I ask a question?"
Sylia hesistated a little. "Yes, what is it Priss?"
"Why the sudden need? it wasn't as though the hardsuits had a major problem or anything."
"We-ll, you can ask Nene, she is the expert upon this area - at least, with the part AD Police plays in it."
"May I speak now?" Nene groaned as she straightened herself out of the cushions.
Nene gave Sylia a look, and Sylia nodded.
"Ok, what has been happening in the AD Pols is that they're designing new K-Suits to be able to combat the newer and more destructive boomers. A comapny called Magitech is manufacturing the new K-Suits, and they have the rights to alter some parts of the design according to the high-ranking officials."
At this point, everybody groaned. Priss rolled her eyes, then asked Nene in an annoyed tone. "No offence to you, Nene, but what kinda nuts DO they emply in the AD Police?"
Nene pulled a face. "Er...Leon...Is that what you mean?"
Priss's face turned a deep scarlet.
"I think we had better drop that subject," Nene gingerly avoided it. Was Sylia getting angry over this?
"Ok there has to be a catch - where is the glitch Nene?" Linna was all curious.
"The glitch is - "Nene started again, only to be stopped by Nigel."Look kiddo, if you are gonna take all night, we won't be able to do the work in time alright?"
Nene sighed. "Ok, Ok. the glitch is that I have reason to beieve Magitech is at least indirectly related to Genom."
At this, everyone was shocked into silence. Could this mean....?
"Yes." Mackay appeared from the doorway."It means..."

I feel a presence in the room.
I turn around. Lights flick on.
"My little black angel...." A smiling figure at the doorway.
"How is Tokyo so far?" he asks, as he settles next to me. I shrink away when his arm touches me; I am not dressed when I go to sleep, and his arm feels cold.
"I don't understand," I tell Him, as I look at Him in the eye. "Why did you come, when you knew that I am not allowed to receive your commands any longer?"
He sighs, and turns His face away. "Did Langley command you this?"
"You are afraid of Langley and hate Langley?"
"Yet you follow her commands."
"I am commanded to."
I am screaming in my head, 'This should be the end of the conversation - Oh please don't touch me like that, don't stroke my hair like that...Please don't love me! Just run away from me!'
"What am I to you?"
"You're my master."
"What are you to me?"
" I am....I am...your slave."
'Oh please don't push it too far...don't!'
Do you know of a genius, taxidermised? I am merry. At this kind of moment, even romance seems merry.

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The fourth part - the last without the redpenning.

"What is it, child?"
He looks at me knowingly. Must've been sitting at the back of
my mind.
I look back at him.
"It's nothing...I am tired that's all..."
At the same time I am screaming in my head....
'Don't touch me'
'Don't move near me!'
But He takes no notice. Instead, He comes closer
and closer....
I call for Langley.
The response is sharp.
<If you don't want him, then kill him!>
<Yes. Otherwise, just accept him.>
My head is becoming faint and dizzy.
I close my eyes.
I tell her I do not know what to do.
<Then dicide. I give you the next hour.>
My head blurs, all thought becoming twisted
beyond, control, beyond humane reason.
I do not understand, I do not understand...


People walking across the streets may have seen a white factory boomer
slip out of the clsoed lab doors into the street.
Nene adjusted her helmet.
"Visor is much stronger and better... It's got more speed potential and
seems to be TIGHTLY binding my body...."
Linna giggled.
"Just give up those hot snacks alright Nene?"
Nene glared at Linna, which Sylia noticed.
"No, the new suits are designed that way. With these suits we are trying
a new way of combat."
Priss looked surprised.
"What? No more bam-bam kaboom?"
"No, we're still fighting hand-to-hand, but not as physically."
Linna turned.
"Then what is the new fighting procedure?"
Sylia looked sideways. "We-ll....You'll find out when we get into action."
Nigel signalled her to walk away with him, and Sylia followed.
Turning around at the last minute, Sylia looked hard at Priss.
"Remember to not lose your cool so easily, Priss. Okay?"
Then the door shut behind Sylia, leaving the Knightsabers all looking at each other.
"Ok, I wonder what was the reason she fitted us with these hardsuits."
"Don't you remember, Priss?" Linna, looking confident, followed with the following words -
"She wanted to try out a new mode of combat."
"Yeah you're right in that part, Linna, but..." Nene was looking solemn.
"What do you think it is about?"
"It's not only about the AD Police, right? We don't usually care so much for them that we
wear hardsuits exclusively designed to save them from being trapped inside rogue boomers."
Priss narrowed her eyes. "I begin see where you're hitting at..."
"And why is Sylia leaving us here with the suits still on? What DID she mean by
'we'll find out?'It's not as though there's gonna be an emergency... "
At that moment, an alarm sounded.
"...was gonna happen right now." Linna finished it for her.
"Let's get going!" Priss yelled. 'We're gonna HIT IT!"
The others nodded and set off to launch.

Do you know of a genius, taxidermised? I am merry. At this kind of moment, even romance seems merry.

It is a deplorable disease of the logic.

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Ok... Part 5, the first part to get redpenned by my friend. The redpen comments will be posted after this. And yes I know, it's getting more stupid than any of my fanfics put together, which it is - this IS all my fanfic blended into one BIG finale...

-4th February 2040-

I woke.

Now that it is all over, he looks at me.
Yes, he is looking at me with contempt. Is this what happens in the end?
I look back at him with scorn and loathing. The same build, the same figure.
Promises of protection. All dissolved into thin air. Mist.

Langley's command rings in my ear.
<get dressed. the Knightsabers have moved.>
I get up. I follow her orders. He says something to me, a mumble to my ears. I do not understand. I shouln't understand. It may become a hinderance to my total obdience to Langley.
I adjust my wristguards. It fits perfectly, like it has always been. I am ready to prowl.
I jump out the window, unto the rooftop of some building and glide through the air. The night air feels crisp upon my ears, and chills my earrings, making my earlobes numb.
<Do you feel....Freedom?> Langley asks me.
I ask in response, 'Must I feel freedon?'
Langley does not respond.

But it is of no consquence to me, for I see the Knightsabers just a couple of kilometres away, gliding through the air to the same target: a white factory boomer, set up by GENOM to get the
Knightsabers captured by the AD Police.
I look down at the masses of people, who are venturing out for a look despite the danger. Was danger a thrill to them? Was looking at the Knightsabers worth a possible gamble with Death?
I shall never find out. I was not born to find that out anyway.

There are three knightsabers in total: Blue, Green and Red. All three emit a field strangely familiar to me. Red's structure is slightly different; perhaps she is not made for combat mode.
I find that I am wrong however; Red is the first to strike, with a form of laser discharge. Point-blank laser discharge.
I draw out a tool, and attracted a spent one to come nearer to me. I pick it up. It seems to emit a field of its own - possibly to stun the boomer, but not to kill.
It is not lethal enough. I turn around. A different signal field. What can it mean?
AD Police - thought comes into my head.
AD Police. Brown-haired guy with glasses. GENOM. Knightsabers.
I am now in a confusing position. If I help the brown-haired guy, I will betray hte Knightsabers.
Shall I help the Knightsabers? I decide yes, and start gaining altitude once more after taking a few shots of he action.

I come to an abandoned street. I hear the sirens in the distance - they are moving this way.
I lift up my hand, and my eyesight connects to an abandoned boomer part lying on the road.
It glows blue, and comes to life. Resurrection.
IT starts sprouting arms and legs. Regeneration.
I gaze at it. It is fascinating. I enter a single word into its primitive brain.
The boomer turns, looks and howls. Rogue activity!
The boomer is growing rapidly, and it soon blocks the road sufficiently. I place barricades around its sides, back, below it and above it. Now it has no way to go, cornered by the AD
Police. That'll give the Knightsabers enough time. The AD Police seem to have inefficient methods and will take half an hour, give or take a few minutes.

The car doors open. This is more interesting than the Knightsabers. I fix a Skylark on the wall
to capture the Knightsabers and watch the AD Police instead.
"Rogue boomer! I did not know there was two!" one of them yells.
"Look up there, that thing in silver and blue! Could that be another Knightsaber?"
Oh no. that person is pointing to me. Do I look like one? I wonder too. I have personally never heard of a silver-and-blue Knightsaber.
Oh well. Looks like I will have to steal the show this time.
I shrug, and go down.


Leon was staring intently at the silver and blue figure that was coming down.
"I never saw that one in my life."
Daley nodded. "Probably a new one. the suit looks kinda different though."
"Yes, it does - almost as though it was designed for a different purpose."
"And look at the attacks. The technique is quite different to the other Knightsabers... I have personally never seen one that - Whoa! What is that?!"
The figure jumped, somersaulted and drew out a chain-type weapon, shaped vaguely like a scorpion's tail. One flash, a gleam of the blade and through the boomer's core it went.
The boomer fell, creating a cloud of dust, and the Knightsaber flew away.
"Geez that was fast," Leon commented after a while.
"Yeah, speed must be its ga-" Then Daley stopped silent.
"Ok what is it NOW?" Leon turned around to face Daley.
Daley pointed at a distant object.
Leon's eyes followed the finger, and there were the Knightsabers, flying away after the battle.
"Look...the silver one is not included in the pack."
"And how do you know that, Daley? You wear glasses, and plus their suits are dark."
"But not our new Knightsaber, right? And I can't see it."
"Another thing, how can you be sure it was silver in the first place and not white?"
Here Daley thought for a moment, then hit upon a new point. "Then have you ever seen the white
one draw out a weapon shaped like a scorpion's tail?"
"Okay you got me there, Daley. So what is my wise partner thinking?"
Daley's eyes narrowed. "I don't know. But I have taken some shots of it - we'll use the projectiles
to find out what it is."


Miraka locked the textiles room from the inside, then ran the Bernina.
"****ing bastard...What IS his problem?"
"You don't exactly have to say that, and I think he heard." a voice came from behind.
Miraka turned, and there stood Lionel.
"Look Mr Kukaracha, if you don't go away now I'll definetely tell Tienx."
"Oy! Don't diss my surname! Plus, if the plan goes through, Tienx will be Mrs Kuka.."*Slap!*
"Ok, that hurt. Now there is no need to get so hothea..."*slap!*
"Stop it!" Lionel rubbed his reddening cheeks. "Now what was THAT for?"
"Look, will you PLEASE step outside, considering that I am only wearing my petticoat right now
and you're the cause of it!"
Realisation struck Lionel.
After a few uncomfortable seconds, Lionel started, "Hey you've got a nice..." then he stopped as Miraka raised a 2x4 to eye level.
"'Kay, okay I'm going..."
Then the door shut, and Miraka pushed the Bernina pedal harder.


Parking myself in front of the com, I run the aura motion clip.
Three suited Knightsabers.
Red one, with cords underneath the outer layer, probably used for direct linking with systems.
Green one, with 2 cutters coming out of the shoulder that deftly slices the boomer's many arms
and legs as it leaps, almost like dancing.
Blue one, leader? Knucklebombers and general hardcore of the hardcore suiting.
I press replay twice, then three times until it focuses on the scene of the Blue one ripping the core out of the boomer.
Ripping it out. Must enjoy it to some extent, and not deal it as
just a job to be paid in... Do they get paid? Then by whom?
I focused on all three as they entered the scene. A window flashed up. Aura scanning.

The patterns match about 15 likely human matches and 16 different machinery in each one.
I sit and think. Have I seen this aura pattern somewhere?
I am not sure, there are limits to a SkyLark at such great distances. It could be anything from boomers to myself to Dr Stingray to GENOM to AD Police to....
My brain hits upon an idea. I scroll down, then get a scanning of my aura.
Strange warped signals fill the room, and one of the computer window flashes in vivid yellows and
blacks as it registers my aura and compares it to the Knightsabers.
I started to feel slightly uncomfortable. Hair at the back of my neck began to rise.
Images form in my head. A bald girl, a disgusting half-human, half-boomer thing that looked
like the bald girl, a boy with blue eyes, a motorcycle.....drum set, high heels, lipstick,
computers, a marine creature...

I began to link the images.
Bald girl - half-boomer thing - marine creature - boy with blue eyes
boy with blue eyes - computer - marine creature - motorcycle - bald girl
motorcycle - drum set - high heels - bald girl
No, this is not enough. I need more, as much as I can get from these auras.
Pink - red - marine creature - computers - Knightsaver - boy with blue eyes...BINGO!
Now I guess. GENOM is out of the question, as they handle the boomers violently and did not try
to destroy remaining evidence. Who could Red, then be related to?
My brain brings up a linear chain of reasoning.
computers - internet - linking priority - information access priority - all data access -
I point a finger, and the search response came up.
Although the AD Police and the Knightsabers are pole-to-pole enemies, it is worth a mention.
I smile, and pack a disk containing the aura clip, now converted to video image, and send it to
the AD Police.

Do you know of a genius, taxidermised? I am merry. At this kind of moment, even romance seems merry.

It is a deplorable disease of the logic.

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Part 6. The last of Langley stuff I think I will ever translate.
But of course, if there are any requests....As if!

The rhythmic beating of a remote central core could be heard even above the whir of the machines in the basement level.
Boomers scurried back and forth, carrying document copies, coffee, aspirin and machinery parts.

Thalassa tapped her fingers nonchantly to the beat, whilst leaning on her desk by one elbow.
That durned assistant boomer STILL haven't brought the letter - it was 5 minutes before the thing left to retrieve it.
She wondered what had happened to it - the core was beating fine, ka-thump, ka-thump... just like it has always been.
So what was the delay?
At that moment, a whir she knew approached her.
"I'm sorry for the delay ma'am." the boomer apologised.
Thalassa said nothing, but drew out her hand.
"There has been no mail, but actually a voice recording. That was why I took so long."
"Fine with me. what was it about? You know I wouldn't be asking you if this room's system wasn't down." Thalassa retorted while
tapping her finger at the desk, in tune with the core once more. Kathump, kathump...Could it be beating just a little faster?
Thalassa looked up, her eyes widening slightly. the boomer's back was turned to her, still and in a slightly hunched position.
'Oh, no, it cannot be...' Thalassa silently prayed.

The boomer straightened up, and turned to face Thalassa.

Thalassa gasped.

The boomer lashed out.

Thalassa screamed.


The sound of a single gunshot was echoing in the hallways when Thalassa woke up, and found herself staring up the barrel
of a skinny Colt revolver, held in the steady hands of Langley Herself.
Thalassa first looked at the dead boomer, then at the gun, and shook her head in disbelief.
"Ok Langley, just how'd you do that?"
Langley grinned mischivously, but said nothing.
"And not even a thank-you kiss for saving your sorry life, darling?"
And with that, Langley leaned over the desk to Thalassa so close, Thalassa blushed crimson, then burst out laughing as
Langley drew back.

"We-ll, at least you haven't lost your laugh yet." Langley smiled."But you still owe me a lot."
Thalassa rolled her eyes. 'Get ON with it, Langley."
"Ok, I'll explain how." With that, Langley bent down to pick up a glowing green object from the pool of dark liquid
that spilled out of the neat hole she made in the boomer's core.
"See this masterpiece? It's a real beauty - Tienx created it. Here, catch."
Then she threw the object to Thalassa and turned away, walking to the door.
Thalassa caught it, and surveyed the object closely.
"It's shaped vaguely like a bullet, but it's longer and hollow, more like a tube..."

Langley stopped at the doorway, and turned around to face Thalassa once more.
"It's made from a spent laser discharge Tienx picked up in her last encounter with the Knightsabers. She got curious I
suppose, and decided to make a present of it to me. What it does now? It pierces through the armour and flesh of the
boomer so that the explosive ceramic-tipped bullet can take a direct hit at the core without glancing off the armour and
smashing in the middle of nowhere. I leave it up to you to find out what it exactly is made out of, and plus you should
be following her good example. Tienx doesn't question me and she does her quota, and I think she is the gem of the crown,
not like you, Thalassa. You're lazy, you question me all the time and you even get away with it!"

Langley turned back, stepped out of the office and slammed the door.

"Jeezuz she's hotheaded," Thalassa chuckled to herself.
Now that she was alone, analysing the damage was more easily done. Dead boomer with dark liquid spilling out, papers scattered
all over the floor. The case holding the remote core was broken, but the now rogue core held in place, still beating in a now
erratic beat of its own. Thalassa willed a part of the dead boomer to move close to it, and the core shot out tentacles to
absorb the part.
"Cool, what HAPPENED here???"
The door opened, letting in Damien, Shinhyun and Lionel. Damien and Shinhyun looked around the place, while Lionel was rubbing
his cheeks and putting on a "sad face".
Thalassa grinned. "Do you guys go around doing nothing all day?"
"No, Thalassa. You're very wrong if you say that. Lemme just talk about what our Lionel here has been up to - in a locked room
with Miraka!" Shinhyun replied, with his own eyebrow-up hint-giver indicating that Lionel's current injury was related to this.
"Oh, and can I trust your source?" Thalassa squinted her eyes.
"Sure you can! So long as my name is Shinhyun, and engaged to Victoria!"
"Ay shaddup.." Lionel growled, still rubbing his red and swollen cheeks. "Man why do girls have to be so tough nowadays? I prefer the good ol' days..."
Thalassa glared at all three, and they all shut up instantly.
"Get back to the conference room all of you! I need to do work!"


Yet another marvellous debate was going on in THE CONFERENCE ROOM.

"I represent the interests of Commander Lee, and I would like to have a few minutes in representing his chiefmost
viewpoints upon this matter."
Tia glared at Hya, but she did not get rejected for some unknown reason. Backward money trips?
"You may proceed." The conference administrator for the week, Samuel, then put up his hand to silence all others.
Una rolled her eyes.
Tia pulled a face and winked at Don.
Don passed the signal to Lynne and Dwayne.
Dwayne passed it over to Anxi, and Anxi stood up.
"I would like to object to this hearing, Administrator."
Samuel sighed. This seemed to happen EVERY DAY!
"What is the objection?"
Anxi raised her left hand, and in a defiance view of the whole audience, introduced herself.
"I represent the interests of Supreme Commander Langley Satir, who directly controls 35% of this organisation, and who should have been the chiefmost to be consulted in such a delicate matter - referring the control of this matter directly to Commander Lee and his secretary does not seem justified in my humble opinion. Furthermore, I would like to inform all members who have attended this conference at this hour of the Supreme Commander's chiefmost viewpoints and interests."
Una started opening a packet of caramel corn. This debate was gonna be interesting.
Don an Dwayne passed a hi-five behind their backs, and Lynne excused herself to "freshen up" while the main heat of the
debate starts raging.
After all, it does get hot in the conference room.


Urikah now ran towards the sea.
The sea of life.
Maybe someone will be there, someone who is able to explain all this to her.
Across the sand she ran, making footprints that soon became erased by the winds and the waves.
Gentle ripples of water now lapped at Urikah's ankles.
LCL. The focal point in the circle of life.
Death. Resurrection. Undead. Supernatural. Rebirth.

A face broke out in the water's surface.
Rei Ayanami.
"Will you...Plead for mercy?" She smiles, just like Yui.
"I don't know...Yet. The Judgement...It's not my turn yet." Urikah replied.
"It is your Judgement now. Will you...Plead for mercy...for mercy...for mercy..."
Urikah remained silent.
"Or rather, will I be merciful..."
Her eyes were a burning red right now. It was almost as though the water would actually catch fire.
Urikah smiled.
"It works either way for me, Lillith. You do not have the power to be merciful or cruel to me...Yet."
Rei nodded. "No, I don't."
A tear fell from Rei's eye. It hit the water, and the water suddenly became choppy, rising up to Urikah's knees.

This time, Asuka L. Soryu stood at the water's surface.
"Will you...Plead for forgiveness?" her mouth is set into a cold smile, a snigger in its weakest desctiption.
"I don't know...Yet. The Judgement...It's only begun." Urikah replied.
"It began a long time ago, baka. Now, will you plead for forgiveness?" Asuka demanded.
Urikah gazed at Asuka, and said nothing.
"Do you think I'd ever forgive you?! In your dreams! Even Shinji hates you, you vile thing!"
Her eyes were a glowing, eerie green now. The water seemed to turn green too wherever she looked, her chest heaving
as though she was holding down deep anguish and frustration.
Urikah smiled.
"What if...everyone hates you too, Asuka? What if...not even Shinji likes you?"
Asuka turned around, becoming a teary-eyed child.
"Do you...Think so? What will make you...Think otherwise? What should I do to make you like me?"
Then the figure changed back into the grown Asuka again, and her face was set hard once more.
Asuka tried to slap Urikah, but the AT Field blocked her. She slashed at the AT Field, which cut gashes upon her arm, and
now blood was flowing freely into the water.
"Arrrgh!" she screamed, and the water became dark blue, swirling all around Urikah.

Urikah smiled as the water swirled around her, trying to make her a part of the waves.
She could feel herself melting away into nothingness.
Other people's memories swirled around her brain, mingling amongst her own.

Something told her that this would be the last time she would be seeing the sky and be able to sing.
She started to sing her favourite song, the song she was born with...
The first memory she was given, and also the last memory she had to give away.

"Oh! Everything that you had, I want to be just the same...
I had prayed for this, day and night...
And I know! The fact all that was false, just a wish upon myself...
But I still.. had to live on...."

Her voice was now echoing amongst the waves, the shoreline, the sand and the sky.

The water closed around Urikah.

Urikah looked at the sky for one last time. Oh, how much she loved the sky.
Then she closed her eyes as her form melted away.

-End of Winged Creature: An NGE Fanfic-
The BGC Fanfic continues in Part 7

Do you know of a genius, taxidermised? I am merry. At this kind of moment, even romance seems merry.

It is a deplorable disease of the logic.


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Part 7 - Contains pure TAMARITHA humour. Yu yei refused to edit this stuff.


Daley was looking at the photos of the Silver Knightsaber, concentrating on the strange weapon it had.
"It kinda looks like one of those weapons you get from the Chinese metalsmiths in the mafia-related areas of Beijing.
Looks like it's made out of no ordinary metal, seems to be retractable and relies heavily on centrifugal force to drive the blade into the target...hmm.
Better ask Nene to get these images analysed for closer detail." Daley muttered.
Leon came up, and coughed."Ah-hem. Am I interrupting your research?"
"So how did it go?" Daley asked without taking his eyes off the photos.
"Ah, the frustrating usual routine. You know, go paranoid about it for a while, media silenced then everyone is back to normal again.
The silver one is causing quite an outrage among the public though. No photos, just witnesses.
Of course, the media treats it like UFO sightings, you know, human interest."
"Izat so?" Daley looked up to Leon. "What is the disk in you hand got to do with it?"
"Oh, this?" Leon scratched his head and smiled. "Some person sent it into the ADP. Arrived this morn post.
It contains unusually clear images of the Knightsabers, and I was just about to hobble to Nene's cubicle to ask her to analyze the thing."
"I see. When you go there, could you also ask her to analyse these pics for me?"
Leon shrugged. "Dunno. Nene's in a funny mood nowadays. Happy one day, then goes more rogue than a boomer the next. I'll try, so follow me."
"Yes, sir!" Daley smiled, and followed Leon while adjusting his glasses.


Linna was mopping up the third floor again.
"Damn that executive! I wish he wasn't so much of a pervert AND a tattletale!"
"And I think I heard that," the executive responded.
"Oh yea? Then what the hell are you gonna do about it, SIR???" Linna snapped back.
"Whoa, whoa, don't be so snappy...." The executive waved his hand, and stepped back.
Linna rolled her eyes. What a pathetic wuss.


Nene yawned, stretched and yawned again. So much for daytime catch-up work.
She opened her bag, and had just gotten out a packet of strawberry Peperos when Leon crooned:
"Oh Ne-Ne.....!"
"Whoa!" Nene dropped the packet, which Daley picked up.
Nene glared at both Leon and Daley.
"Why won't you two EVER let me have a delicious moment, just me and my snacks! Give them back this instant!"
Leon and Daley nudged each other and chuckled. "Oh was that a command? Geez Nene you're so scary..." Then they burst into hysterics.
Nene stood defiantly, arms akimbo. "Okay, what DO you imbeciles WANT???"
Daley nudged Leon. "Sir, the opposition is willing to negotiate. Shall we state out deal? Bwahaha!!!"
Leon opened his mouth, but Nene beat him to a fraction of a second.
"One more jest and I'll tell Priss!"
Leon's face turned scarlet. Daley chuckled. "Oh so what is this Priss thingy that's been going on, huh?
You haven't even told your PARTNER yet! It's that important I guess?"
"Shut up Daley! It's more serious stuff you wouldn't know about!" Then Leon turned to Nene. "Oh Nene dear, I was just wondering..."
"Yes, you were just wondering if I would analyze those clips for you huh? Gimme them! And the Peperos!"
Nene lunged at the packet and the disks, and was successful at the second attmept.
"Now go along and play, Leon-chan, while I DO THE WORK!!!"
Leon pulled a face, and was about to lunge at Nene but Daley had caught him in the nick of time.
"C'mon Leon, she's doing us a favor - again." Daley repeated over and over to Leon while dragging him up the walkway by the ear.
Nene glared after them for a while, then opened the packet, slid the disks in and started munching away like mad.


Across the street, I see a boutique. The most exotic and revealing designs of night-garments hang in the window. Strangely, this is a place where
I feel a familiar aura. It's like the red one, but only much stronger and with a different twist to the patterns the aura makes.
It's kind of like....mine.
I read the sign. SILKY DOLL.
Interesting name. I can already suspect the speciality garment ranges.
I go through the doors. There are many other women who are browsing through the store.
People meander from the evening gown section to smart suits, and from swimwear to lingerie, leather gear etc.
A full-figured woman greets me. Light blue hair in neat hairclip resembling a ribbon, smart pigeon/ostrich coloured suit.
<Sylia Stingray, daughter of Dr Stingray. She owns this building.> Langley's message echoes in my head, and blocked out what this Miss Stingray was saying.
I lean slightly closer, asking "I beg your pardon? I've missed what you have just said."
"Oh, I was just asking whether you needed assistance. So what was it that you were looking for?"
I do not understand. I call for Langley's help.
<You have your eletronic international account card in your handbag. You are to buy something.> Langley replies.
I make a calculation at ultra-speed, then answer Sylia.
"I was wondering if there were any new things arriving for this season. You see, my boyfriend is hard to please."
At the same time I think in my head, 'Jeezuz Christ, what am I saying? He doesn't care for silky finery, and he isn't my BF in the first place!'
<Well, at least buy something Lionel would like. By the way, yes he arrived safely and already got slapped out of hell by Miraka.
You oughta give him a good beating when you come back from this one.>
Sylia said something, which I missed again. This time, I take a blind guess - no time for applied inference logic now.
"Actually, my boyfriend is a kinda conservative person...."
"Then I have just the thing for you - come here." With that, Miss Stingray drags me by the arm.
Oh my gosh, what have I got myself into?


Nene was awestrtuck at the clarity of the images.
"Wow, considering the 1:30 am fog, these images are amazingly clear - it's almost as though it was taken in broad daylight! Must be a professonal who took this,
he or she must have been waiting to capture us in best composition, it looks like, not as evidence pics..."
Then Nene clicked on a part to look at more closely.
"Hey, wait...You can kinda see through the visor at this angle, which is impossible, but you still can! What kind of camera is this? This wasn't taken from an
ordinary camera!"
Nene's eys widened in shock.
"Ok, maybe I'll cool down. Time to do the other stuff. Hmm...What's this? Looks kinda like...A new Knightsaber? Can't be!"
Nene stared at the images as they appeared, 5x magnification, one by one on the screen.
"Oh my god, oh my god...I gotta talk to Sylia!"
Nene ran out of her cubicle with her weasel and bag, down the walkway, shoving past Leon and Daley.
As the streak went past, Leon asked Daley "What was that?"
Daley replied, 'I dunno. Probably Nene trying to lose some weight. She eats too much of those Peperos I fear."
Both stared at the figure of Nene as she disappeared into the distance.


Linna was leaving the high-rise tower for lunch break.
She walked out into the street, and saw Priss just parking her motorcycle.
"Heard of the rumour?" Priss asked, taking off her helmet.
"Yea, about a new Knightsaber, whoever she is. The whole floor was rocking with the conversation. I think I asked too much - my executive told the boomer I wasn't doing work, so I spent the day cleaning.
I gotta go back for an hour though after this - Cleaning up doesn't mean I get a break from work."
"I sympathise with you, having to put up with those bastards. Why don't you try the fist treatment to them?"
"Well, actually, I did a couple of times, but the effects seem to be temporary." Linna shrugged.

Linna looked up to the sky. It was a cloudy day; but rays of sun was peeking over the silvery mists up yonder.
"I wonder who the new so-called Knightsaber is, and what her goals are."
"Well at least we can rule out being a superhero, since she hadn't shown up as much, just a quick hit and run."
Linna blushed. "Well, let's drop that subject. So...Whall we eat?"


Miss Stingray ran her figer through the vivid colours of silk and lace until she found what she was looking for.
"Here, why don't you try this? This will hang nicely on you - you've got lovely sloping shoulders."
"Er, thanks. Where can I try it on?" Am I blushing? Why am I blushing?
"Over there." Miss Stingray pointed to one of the doors on the left.
"Thank you." I stammer. Miss Stingray smiles.
"Also, if you want, I can also show you other accessories that go with it..."
"Er...I'll see about that later."

I go into the change rooms, and choose the one at the corner.
As I lock the door, I felt - a field. I shrug. It cannot be, for security cameras cannot be here. Or can they?
The garment does hang quite nicely, I observe in the mirror. Not as skimpy as
He'd like it, but it DOES look nice... Especially the studs and spikes in certain areas...
An idea flash through my head. I yell in my head to Langley to change the plan a little.

I change back, and come out to be greeted by the smiling Miss Stingray.
"So how did you like it? Not quite the thing, this white leather. But as you can see,
conservative isn't exactly in the catalogues this season."
I blush again. This time, it's not only Him whose neck I want to break. It's Langley's as well.
"No, it was rather fine, actually. So what are those accessories you were talking about?"
Miss Stingray again leads me by the arm, and I half-follow and half-drag behind her.


Mason stood in front of the high doors of the chairman's lair.
An assistant, a green-haired boomer, walked up to him.
Her heels made a strange clack-clack sound that echoed in the empty hallway.
"The Chairman is getting stranger and stranger every minute, I do not know what to make of him, sir."
"It's only natural that he is getting stranger. After all, he is quite old." Mason replied, as he adjusted his watch.
The blue-haired boomer laid a fixed stare upon Mason.
Mason looked up. "What is it, you golem?"
The boomer's eye glinted.
Mason took out his handgun and fired a shot.
The boomer staggered back.
"I am not a golem," she said.
Mason fired another shot.
"I am not a golem, I am..."
The boomer collapsed to the floor, and the red-haired assistant walked up to him.
"Observe." Mason ordered.
"Yes sir," the boomer replied.
"This is what happens to those who dieobey me. Make it an example."
"Yes sir," was the reply.
A moment later, the heavy doors opened, and Mason stepped into the chamber.


When I leave Miss Stingray's boutique, I find that I am the last customer to leave for the day.
I take a glance at the large aquarium/swimming pool. The pool never grabbed my interest before, but now it does.
The pool is telling me something. A figment of the aura reading flashes through my head, clear and striking as lightning.
Marine creature! Yes, that was it!
I look around to pierce together more clues. Just in case Miss Stingray would find it strange, I ask questions about materials and pricing of garments etc.
Miss Sylia responds happily, for I am one of her favourite customers from now on, as it seemed.

As I step outside the building, I find a girl running towards us - no, just Miss Stingray was what the girl seems to want. Short blonde hair, azure eyes.
the sleeve of an ADP uniform peeks out from her bag. The way she runs is strangely familiar to me. Have I seen this person run before?
As she huffs and puffs in front of us, I examine her more closely. Not more than twenty by her looks, likes junk food and the flashing of her azure eyes show a
supreme intelligence. Memeory sticks and mini-disks seem to be in her bag - the jagged outline at the pockets is most interesting. A hacker? Probably.
I detect her aura faintly. Computers, images of the Knightsabers I sent. Could she be the Red one?
I excuse myself and leave, promising Miss Stingray that I'd drop by sometime this week, for I have already seen enough.
Miss Stingray ushers the Red one in; the shutter closes as I watch from a safe distance.
I turn and walk away. Now all I need is the missing clues.


Linna was just leaving the office when Priss's motorcycle screeched into view.
"Oh thank god you're here to pick me up, Priss," Linna managed to gasp out.
"Well let's get going. I don't know what Sylia is so paranoid about, but I am sure it's something important."
The motorcycle sped away.


I adjust my wristguards.
Something tells me that a boomer will go rogue within 4 hours, and this time I want to have a good close look at the Knightsabers.
I needed to find out how Miss Stingray is linked to the three, apart from forming the organisation, which was quite obvious
from the manner which the blonde girl treated her.
Wait a sec, the blonde girl? I hadn't bothered to find out her name yet?
I turn on the com, and quickly hunt up a search for back doors in all ADP departments.
Name: AdminYr2040 Passcode: txranti-boomer.
That was relatively easy, acquiring an administrative username and passcode. After all, there is no greater computer than the human brain.
A name search pops up, and I do a backward search.
Another window pops up.
I scroll down. The face of the girl is smiling at me.
{Nene Romanova, age 17. ADP Information Department.}

'That's all I need,' I thought as I jumped out of the window, straight into the late afternoon fog.
Do you know of a genius, taxidermised? I am merry. At this kind of moment, even romance seems merry.

It is a deplorable disease of the logic.

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Ok, Overlap Part 9. From here on till 10, it's gonna get confusing, mainly because from here on
I start killing people off. Also, Sara Estella, the illegimate child, talks for the first time.
Yu-Yei edited this thing about three times before letting it off, so it shouldn't be too confusing...right?


Sylia was looking concerned over Nene when she came to consciousness.
"Nene, what happened?" Sylia asked. Did Nene know that she had a serious injury?
Nene straightened herself up, sitting upon the bed and faced Sylia.
"Sylia, something definitely weird is going around the city. What's more, I think someone knows about our identity."
Sylia's eyes widened just a bit. "Well what exactly makes you think that way, Nene?"

Here Nene mumbled a gusto of words Sylia could not understand, then her voice suddenly became louder and clearer, as though
she was straining to make herself heard.
"I found...Pictures of us. And there is a new "Knightsaber" out there in the city. I couldn't find out how they were taken
nor where they exactly came from, but I know the new "Knightsaber" is real enough.
I have traced our shots as far as I can go, but it only rounds up to a Yahoo e-mail address, made in a Net cafe."

Sylia nodded and stroked Nene's face.
"Well what you cannot find out, I cannot find out. However, this new Knightsaber... When did this happen?
I knew something was up when people started talking about her in my boutique, but I didn't realise she
actually existed. Well, Nene, I think you need to rest your nerves for a while. I have reason to believe that you're an invalid
for the moment."

Mackay came into the room. Seeing him, Nene sighed, then laid back upon the pillow.
"Uh, Nene, would you like some water or anything?" Eager to please Nene in any way, Mackay was choosing his words carefully.
"No, thank you...I am quite all right, Mackay, and that'll be MISS Nene..." Here Nene grimaced as she sat up.
Mackay made a move to assist her, but Nene just smiled and waved her hand.
"No, I really am all right, just got exhausted from running all the way here from the ADP tower, that's all."
Sylia's eyes widened again in surprise. 'So Nene doesn't realise she has been injured?' She thought.
Sylia smiled and stood up. "Well, I've got to do some stocktaking...Why don't you two talk, so long as Mackay is not needed too
much by Nigel of course."

Nene opened her mouth in slight protest, but Sylia was already opening the door.
"Well, I'll see you tonight. And Mackay, take care of Nene."
"Yes, Sylia," Mackay responded.
Sylia smiled once more, and the door closed, leaving Nene and Mackay in the room.


I turn, slicing the wind and falling into the jungle of buildings. No rogue boomer yet.
It almost looks as though I might need to start on No.2 of my priority list.
I sigh, and turn towards the GENOM tower, the center of all evils in this city that's very obvious. As I get closer, the massiveness only
seems to trap the little bit of freedom in me. It has no majestic air, this building - only a very foul one.
I attach the Skylark to my visor, and soon I am able to detect faint goings-on in the building. There are boomers being manufactured
in the underground levels; you can see when these things are being stamped with quality control, the quality control system has been tampered

All these scenes spell doom in uppercase lettering to me; a total stranger in the city.
Don't all the other people realise yet? Or do they simply not care about probably anything much at all?

I rise up to one of the upper levels.
There is a large office, with a mahogany desk and a black leather chair, all very expensive. I survey the office carefully.
The laptop on the desk seems to be linked to all the coms in the building - only if I can hack through it...
The door opens, and a blue-haired boomer enters the office. I use a cloaking device, but the boomer is not fooled.
She walks up to the window, and punches a fist through! But the window however does not shatter; it forms some kind of hole around her hand.
It's almost as though she was punching through water, not bulletproof glass.
I stand fascinated, forgetting for a moment what was going on.

The hand stretches, closing itself around my neck. It is strangling me!
I panic. I cannot breathe; my neck is not protected under this suit model, and I stupidly omitted to wear the collar.
I think fast. It would take at least thirteen seconds before the boomer will gather
enough force upon her stretched wrist to break my neck.

I reach down into my backpack, and pull out a laser cylinder. I raise it until the red dot of the laser focuses on the boomer's left eye.
I press the switch with all my energy.
A beam of light invisible to the human eye, streams out of the cylinder, and the boomer stands frozen.
Taking the chance, I rip her hand off my neck, and pull at the hand, hoping all the while that it does not stretch any more.
Breathing deeply, I drag out the boomer. Strangely, the hole closed after her, and the glass is now hard as diamonds once more.
I let go of the boomer. She falls, down and down into the street below, but her blue hair is still caught in my hand.
I was just about to let the wig drop as well, but I change my mind and throw it in amongst the other tools in my pack.
I open my left wristguard, and change the suit settings. It remodels itself, turning me into a perfect copy of the boomer I
destroyed just before.
I smile, and walk through the glass as though it was just water.

Now that I am in the office, I take one more look before changing back, just to make sure that everything is as it was before.
The laptop is on the desk, and the screen comes on as I point my finger at it.
I open a couple of windows as I change back. Nothing much catches my interest.
Then I sigh, and make the sign of the cross, like He taught me to do in a time long, long ago.
"In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit..." I whisper, but somehow a lump in my throat prevents me from saying
Amen. I am not surprised however; this has happened before.
'You take over now, Langley,' I whisper in my head.
Suddenly, I lost control of my body, and the vision dims, everything swirling around me, just like the night when He came.
I stagger, then straighten myself up. No, I cannot do this again! I am human, not a machine!
<It is useless to resist, girl-child. I have already forged the link.>

Too late! Too late!...everything is becoming faint now...


"Mason, I believe those Knightsabers are INCREASING. You are doing your job in destroying them I hope, before they destroy too many
of my boomers. Go, and find out all you can about the new one. It is probably inexperienced. Perhaps you might capture it, and give me the joy
of seeing a Knightsaber face to face. It is time you take control of this problem, Mason. I am not..."
Here the Chairman took a deep breath, and started coughing again.
Mason bowed.
"I shall do as you say."
Mason turned, and walked out.


Langley stretched herself full in the Control capsule. She needed to concentrate hard, otherwise it'll all be in vain.
Optical cables connected to her bare body, first the forehead, arms, torso then the legs. Now she was floating in midair,
and a current dangerous enough to kill three elephants at once swirled around her like jellyfish tentacles, free
of any form of wires or cables.
Langley concentrated harder, and now light flooded her body from the optical cable endings.
<I am taking over, Tienx.>
The light suddenly dimmed, just a little, but brightened again.
<It is useless to resist, girl-child. I have already forged the link.>


The boomer slammed unto the footpath. People were gasping, trying to move away from its way. The boomer, rising up with hardly a scratch,
glared at the people, then stretched its hand out to grab at an unlucky child.
The child squirmed and resisted for a while, then a violent tremor ran through her body and all was still. A woman shrieked and fainted.
"Someone call the AD Police!" A man yelled, trembling.


Linna ran into the boutique, through the mirrored door and down the elevator.
The door finally opened after what seemed to be like half a century, and Linna ran out, straight into the already-suited Priss.
"Yikes! Sorry Priss!" Linna gasped.
"I'm fine, the hardsuits are designed to have more weight slamming upon them, " Priss cooly replied, and walked off to launch.
"Where's Nene?"
"She's sick. Mackay is looking after her."
The door slid close after Priss, and Linna ran into the changeroom.


The red-haired assistant approached Mason.
"Yes, I do know that the Stingray woman is getting impatient with me, and wants a one-on-one discussion."
"Will you be seeing her soon, sir?"
"No, I'll wait until she becomes very impatient. Why, I believe that is her just over there in my office."
Mason pointed at the screen, at a woman in hardsuit, poring over the laptop.
"Hm." Twisting his face into a sardonic smile, Mason sopke to himself.
"I know you want to see me, Sylia, but it's not time yet."


Priss dropped a neat punch into the boomer's shoulder. Her knucklebombers had made a large hole, which was sealed up almost instantly.
The boomer leapt up and placed an equally effective punch into Priss's shoulder.
Priss dodged a second punch, and the two jumped away from each other, Priss puffing, but the boomer displayed neither simulated
anger nor exhaustion. In fact, there was no strange glint from its eye, nor did it show anything typical for a rogue boomer yet.

'Damn! This boomer is NOT rogue!' thought Priss as another of her punches made insignificant marks upon the boomer.
This boomer was unlike any other boomers she had fought with before. Calm and collected, her femimine figure had made a graceful assasin
out of the metallic creature, landling blows after blows that were equally as well aimed and planned as her own.
Both the boomer and Priss skidded around in a circle, and the circle was now getting tighter and tigheter.
It would soon be crash time, Priss knew, and this would decide the winner.

Priss sped up.
The boomer sped up also.
Three seconds before they meet, two, one...Hiyaaah!
Damn! The blow had glanced off and the target regenerated again!
Priss could feel the strength being lapped out of her.
She closed her eyes, listening once more for a sound, a voice.
Why was Linna taking so long? Any moment now her battery would run out, and she would lose to a boomer - for the first and the last time.

To be honest, Priss did not want to think what would happen if she had lost.
Since that had never happened, she wondered how her final days would end, and how the rest of the world would feel about it.
The promised world tour with Sekiria's members.
Will they simply find a new lead vocal?
Sylia, Linna, and Nene.
Would they still go on as Knightsabers? Without her? And find a replacememt soon?
Priss opened her eyes. No, she didn't need to know that.
All that matter now is to fight this boomer.
She braced herself as the boomer moved in to make another attack upon her.


A map flashed across Linna's visor. A red dot between some alleyways.
This must be where Priss is, she thought as she made her way there.

Although the suit was able to move at speeds almost as fast as a Lear 35A when airborne, the trip took up quite a time, what with having
to lower to the ground and setting off again, looking in every alleyway to see whether there was a boomer there. After the fifth touchdown,
Linna almost decided on not looking them up - no sign of boomer, or any fighting.
Then something made the hair on the back of her head rise up. A tingling sensation at the back, almost as though a blade was aimed there.
Premonition of Danger.
Linna turned around. Sure, there was the boomer, glaring its green eyes out at her.
But still no sigh of Priss.
Linna turned her body around to face the boomer, and realised it wasn't an ordinary boomer, but two boomers fusing together.
One of the boomers looked surprisingly like a K-suit.
And inside, there was an ADP official, struggling for life.

Linna panicked, and turned around. Surely there were other ADP vehicles and officers in the area, not knowing what to do.
This must have been going on for at least three minutes, Linna thought as she set the time on the watch. A digital timer appeared on the right
corner of her visor.
Linna grimaced, then ran into the fusing boomers, slamming her body against them.


Tienx-Langley looked up as Mason entered the office, followed by the red-haired boomer.
"I see we meet again...wait a second! You're not Sylia, are you??"
Tienx-Langley removed her helmet, showing off her tumbling golden wave of hair.
"No, I am not, and I do not believe this hair colour will look anything like Miss Sylia Stingray's hair."
She smiled, and her smile showed pure defiance of Mason and his boomer assistant.
"Then who may you be?" Mason squinted his eyes.
Tienx-Lalngley caught a slight movement of his hand directing the boomer on what to do while he bought time with aimless conversations.
"My name is Tienx. But then, my name could also be Langley."
"And what have you against GENOM?"
Here Tienx-Langley smiled. "Will this explain all my grudges?"
She threw a card upon the desk, and Mason glanced at the card.
"I see a reason."
Tienx-Langley was surprised, and it showed plainly upon her face. "You do? But I thought..."


Nene stood up, then walked to the change rooms.
"I must get into the suit, Mackay. Linna and Priss must be waiting."
Mackay was almost in tears. "But Nene, you're not well! You should be resting, not going out there risking your life! Plus, Sylia said..."
"Oh who gives a damn about what she says NOW???" Nene's voice was getting harsher.
She staggered, grimacing from the pain. What was this pain? Where was it coming from?
Nene looked down at her right leg, and saw a huge bloody gash upon her leg, coming down from her thigh down almost to her ankles.
"What happened...Here?"
"You were like that when you came in. Sylia and I noticed it, but I thought you knew."
Nene pulkled a face, then shrugged her shoulders. After all, this slight injury shouldn't put any strain on her performance...
"Look, Mackay, I must do this. Sylia chose me to do this and if I fail her now..."
Mackay looked at Nene, and sighed.
"Nene, I will get you launched. Just be careful of yourself, alright?"


Adrian was now slamming his fist against the door in some sort of a maniac frenzy.
Someone grabbed at his collar.
Adrian spun around, only to face Sara Estella.
"Please don't disturb Langley, sir."
Adrian glared at Sara Estella, but Sara Estella was unmoved.
"She knows what she is doing. You're a civillian now, and you oughta know Langley can take care of herself by now."
"And what have you in this muddy pit, child?" He was fuming. These women...What was their secrets? Why did they hang about Langley?
"All I can tell you for the moment sir, is that you'll regret the moment you walk into the chamber. What do you think the lightning
flashing in the chamber is, other than Langley's own memories forming a chapel around Langley to protect herself? I do not think you'd like
to be consumed by her own memories...Would you?"

Adrian slipped out his Glock, and aimed it at Sara Estella's forehead.
"I know you know more about this. How about we just get to the bottom of it?"
Sara Estella smiled, and pushed the barrel away. "I wouldn't make such a foolish move, sir. Nasty noisy things, aren't they?"
She was now smiling, and she took the gun into her hands. "Strange...You have a Glock, and if I remember right, Langley has got that skinny
Colt revolver...But it was Langley who stood to the duel, not you. Why is that?"
Here Sara Estella took a somewhat sad expression upon her face.
"Did I tell you...Langley was my mother? My biological mother?"
Surprise registered upon Adrian's face.
"Yes," Sara Estella nodded. "Langley actually had two previous pregnancies. The first one, the misacrriage. The second one brought me here."
Now she took one step forward, her face almost touching his.
"Neat secret huh? Did you know about all those details? No, I am positive you don't, you were away on one mission after another."
Then Sara Estella suddenly stepped back, leaning her back against the wall.
"Or did you just not want to know about THAT kind of truth?"
"Did you care about Langley? Did you know that I existed? Would you have come back here earlier if you knew I was here?"
"Hah! So many questions, yet so little answers! You're supposed to answer all that for me, you're my father! My biological father! I can call
you father, or did anyone say I can't?"
"I know about what happened with the 'miscarriage,' father. Which I suppose wouldn't surprise you much, because everyone else knows about it
except Langley. But then, I'll tell you what: She knows. That's how I know. She told me."
"So now that we're all here, what have we gained and lost by all this? Do we have anything left? Do you know Langley's preganant again,
and it is her third month now?"
"From the beginning of our lives, me and Tamaritha, we have been really thankful that you and Langley took us in, useless nagging brats as we were.
We tried to make up for the whole thing, and didn't care all that much about how you two treated us, just thankful you two let us live. Thankful.
Just that. Now that we all know, will you try to make it up for us? Take us to amusement parks or something?"

Adrian still said nothing, but took out some rope from his pocket.
Sara Estella's eyes widened, maybe just a little.
Adrian smiled with a murderer's eyes. "A gun may be a threat, but a rope is for real... Did Langley ever tell you that?"
Sara Estella did not say anything, and on her face now settled a determined expression.

A single moan of "Father..."
The horrid sound of a breaking bone followed...two fatal minutes later.


Priss's battery was waning, and she could feel every weakening pulse it gave out.
"Sylia, I just thought you wanted to know, there's no need to send in others. Too late anyway. I'll try to finish off the boomer."
Do you know of a genius, taxidermised? I am merry. At this kind of moment, even romance seems merry.

It is a deplorable disease of the logic.

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