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Which animation style do you like?

I was wondering which style of animation everyone likes. The OVA style or the TV series style. I personally like the OVA style. It's a lot more real and theatrical and less childish..

What's everyone else's opinions on this?
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Originally, I liked the OVA styles detail and realism, especially because the first few eps of the TV series were much 'cuter' than I expected. I couldn't believe that it was actually the same series as the OVA. Over time though, the series got a lot more detailed, especially in later Kyoto arc episodes, so now I like them about equally.

One thing I do like better about the OVA (and I'm talking about the older 'Memories' OVA art style, because it's going to be a while before I see the new one), is it's consistency. It amazes me how inconsistent the TV art style is, it's likely that they were using several different animation houses and each one made it's own mark on the series.

The first episode of the Kenshin-Soujirou fight, they do a thirty second recap of the last episode that is in the series regular style, and then after the title screen it was a completely new style that used an almost film-like softness. It was the most abrupt style change I've ever seen in an anime series. Seriously, compare Kenshin's face in the recap compared to the rest of the episode, he's a different person practically.
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I think each of the styles work for what they are trying to acomplish....

in the t.v series ... which is lets face it... a comedy.... the art style fits ..... and works perfectly to accomidate the fact that they want to sprinkle action scenes here and there.....

the ova's (both of them) are serious drama's.... and i sure as hell wouldnt want to see kenshin let out a "oro" in them... it would just be plain ugly to see...

to each his own... but personaly i prefer the ova's because i just prefer the drama over the comedy.
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Prefered the OAV most of the time.

But sometimes prefered the series, specifically when his nose was drawn less pointy than usual.
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In terms of art and animation I prefer the OAV's. Nuff said
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I prefer the OVA look over the TV series look
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The OVA look is superior for serious dramatic moments, fights, and that sort of scenes. I probably consider it perfect for such things.

The tv series look tends to vary a lot as you already have mentioned, from very good to rather average according to the budget, but overall it's better suited for humor and scenes that aren't so important to the plot.

The reanimated Jineh fight in the new OVA for example (of which you can get a preview in the trailer), can be seen in a whole new light due to the different artwork and the seriousness it implies.
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I like the OAV better of course.For one thing the animation is smoother and like Yui-san pointed out earlier,pink is no good on a samurai lol

I've also noticed throughout the series subtle differences.I thought it was my imagination
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The OVA's, but I believe it takes longer to animate OVA's so that's why the tv series is a step down; and also a tv series.
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I agree with most of the members.

OVA 1 is simply stunning artistically. I need to get those damn DVDs. Something that struck me immediately was how the art dripped with Japanese traditionalism, something that I think ties in perfectly with the historical underpinnings of the anime.

The TV series animation looks good, but for the most part, it's standard. Now, during the Kenshin/Saitoh fight, I was left with my jaw on the floor. And though the raw mood of the scene is responsible for part of it, the combination of dramatic and subtle changes in art style hooked me. The quality of that scene hasn't been matched so far in my viewings, which is up to the Shishio/Kenshin fight.
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i prefer the OVA for the sword fights, but overall i like the TV series better. i love the comedy bits and the interaction of the characters and i think it's closer to the style of the excellent manga
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As much as I think the Ova's have the upper hand in background drawing and overall style, they fail for me when it come to the characters, ((not sure how to explain it, but they look like they have been cut and pasted....

As for the TV series, love what I saw for most part of it but then after slowly improving during the show, they ended up going back to the original quality which just seemed to .....
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I don't have a good copy of the series to watch... but from whay i've seen... well 80 Eps... it's not bad... but not too detailed...

The OVAs are cool... but somewhat dark in my opinion... they very detailed... and do have nice colours...

Well my faourite is the "The Motion Picture' Movie animation... it's nice... nothing wrong with it at all... colour... and detail... all round quality...
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I have to agree with the point that each accomplish its own means. The tv work would be weird with the OVA and vice versa.

I do like both, but find the OVA to have the character's faces awfully rounded (am I the only one who notices that?) which doesn't seem much like the original manga look in that respect. The OVA's darkness, although fitting for such a serious role, is not too appealing to me overall. For four vol's of such seriousness it works splendidly, but if I had to see a longer series I'd go nuts, I want to see the animation!

I do prefer the tv series animation and artwork for those reasons, but I have to agree I'm not huge on the pink
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i personally think i like the TV series better, it's prettier and the color is fresher, but i like the OVA style, too. it's just Tomoe looks bit ugly in the OVA... (this is only my opinion...)

but my fave style is the manga style, it's pretty, not childish, and the characters looks better
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