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Manga 2 Anime...

Do you think that Angel S was a good Manga to Anime trans? I personally thought it was wonderful! What are your views?
because it's cool
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I really liked the manga!!
anime should be longer, just like a normal series, instead of stupid 3 ovas!!

but the whole storyline is confusing especially with all those character who seems to look alike in drawing styles.... but i got confused as in who's whom...

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What they've done is great. Some major changes from the manga but not enough to take away from the main story line and the animation is too drool over. But, like everyone else, I would have like to see it go further then 3 episodes.
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definitly way too short, but it's still entertaining

one thing good is that if it's short and ppl like it, they gonna want to see more then they'll get the manga ^__^
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I think it is great that they did that...they turn magnas into animie alot...Some of the most popular series was a magna originally...
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Al Ketsu
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Like love hina. Is it possible that they'll make more anime of it? I'm jus wonderin. Its cool to c manga come to the t.v screen. But some tend to leave out things from the manga.
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I thought they did a great job.
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