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Is Digimon Anime???
I'm pretty sure it is, but why is it attached to Fox Kids
Is Digimin tryng to ride the Wave of popularity made by Pokemon???
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Well, what do you define as anime?
Digimon was infact made in Japan. It was also released in America (and wherever else it was) in a dubbed format (a bad dubb? I don't know if the original was good to start with). The thing is, Pokemon took a long time to finally be dubbed into English and then brought over from Japanese television (the show, that is), whereas, Digimon is a farely recent show that is (as I would call it), basically trying to leach off of the popularity of Pokemon in Japan (it still popular there?) and in the States (by that, the United States, and also wherever else it has been released). Just my opinion, maybe a bit wrong, oh well.
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Ride the wave? I'd consider it closer to trying to Ride the same surfboard. Like Yuusuke said, Digimon practically broke the sound barrier in being picked up and dubbed. Of course the main Pokemon age group doesn't really care either way so maybe it's just another marketing giant moving in
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