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I've seen it and I thought it was f*cking incredible. It more than makes up for whatever flaws were in the previous episodes. Not only did they explain everything, their explanation just feels right, somehow. Totally satisfying. A little bit of "everything-you-know-is-wrong," some really nice visuals (the shot of the stained glass pictures grabbing Runa is probably my favorite image in the entire series), and the Ye Olde Emotional Wringer. I was actually uncertain what Kyosuke's decision was going to be, since the series was already pretty weird, and it looked like he was drifting towards the dark side in the later episodes... The only problem I had with it was the way Komugi and Shiro were sort of forced to the sidelines. But maybe it was inevitable; the battle that takes place is quite beyond them. All in all, I give the ending an A.
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