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Important information regarding server move and new stricter forum rules and procedures. Please read all of the below and any subsequent email and web site messages over the next 3 to 5 days otherwise you may find yourself being ** BANNED *** and not know why or what you did wrong.

To those who just registered and have yet to activate your account or are still queued for approval by me, you new folks will have to wait until reopens on Jan 21, 2002 9pm (Brisbane AEST).

Reading all messages i send and post on the front page over the next few days, will ensure you know what changes apply to you and what is going to be acceptable on my forums when we reopen.

AB server move:

On Friday, January 18, 2002, will be closed in preparation of our server being moved by my web host to a new data center the next day.'s web host is moving all of it's server's to a larger data center on Saturday, January 19, 2002 (2300 GMT or 9 am AEST). The reason for the move is that is closing several of it's data centres including the one that is where's server is located. will reopen on Monday January 21, 2002 (9 pm AEST). I'll take this opportunity to upgrade some of the server's software and scripts. The new data center will have multiple diverse connections coming into the building with multiple tier one bandwidth providers, including, but not limited to: Qwest, AT&T, Level3, Genuity, Time Warner and Yipes instead of right now relying on just's connectivity.

There is no changes to the address when the forums reopen everything will be located where you are use to at However, there will be forum policy procedures and rule changes which will see moderators and I enforce the forum rules ALOT more and there will be a detail outline of how members are to proceed with certain issues and complaints.

AB Forum Rules

Here's a list of current forum rules for you to read over while the forums are closed for the move:

Respect each others' opinions - you don't have to agree with them but please respect them.
Post in the correct and appropriate forums.
NO duplicate member accounts - please each member must only have 1 member account.
NO Hentai, adult/nudity images allowed.
NO insulting or personal attacks on other members - do not flame each other!
NO board battle threads until further notice.
NO selling or promotion of your own web services or products. If you want to pay for advertising on this forum contact the Admin here for current advertising rates.
NO selling or distribution or discussion of illegal or copyrighted materials on this board.
NO links to full anime episodes, anime mp3s, midis, or video clips and of eva and other fan subs etc
NO plagerising or copying other fan artists work and taking credit for it. Three warnings are given before appropriate action is taken.
No trolling or spamming the forum or it's members - this includes trying to sell illegal copyrighted goods via the forum and/or posting comments which will intimidate, promote or generate hatred or flames among members.
Members please DO NOT troll or spam other people's forums to promote this forum - it gives this forum a bad reputation.
Members please DO invite your friends or fellow anime fans to this board.
Members please DO recommend this forum on other people's forum ONLY when it's fitting to do so.
Last of all, have fun, participate in discussions and visit daily

A few of the policies to be outlined in subsequent emails and on the forum's front page web site when it returns includes:

- what type of threads/posts will be allowed in Chit Chat and Members Only
- formal banning policy introduced to members outlining how and why members could be banned for their conduct and behaviour on
- policies and procedures specific to RPG and Fan Art forums
- how to handle being flamed or personally attacked/abused by another member(s)
- how to handle situations in which you see other members breaking or about to breach forum rules

There is more to be outlined later on. Remember by signing up and using my forums you have already agreed to abide by my forum rules, procedures and policies. Also remember i'm paying currently ~US$600+ per month to run and sites and have already spent ~US$15,000 over the past 2 yrs in running my sites and forums (majority paid out of my own pocket since early Feb 2001 last year when advertising revenue drastically dropped ).

Forum Stats as at Jan 18, 2002

Forum opened: June 24, 2000
Registered Members: 4,940
Total Posts: 552,050 <== we post alot don't we ^_^
Total Threads: 33,973
Total Thread Views: 4,837,423
Total Private Messages: 47,927
Total Avatars (custom + default): 742 + 660 = 1,402
Current Active Users average: 50 - 250 members + guests
Current Active Users max: 604 members + guests
Total Max daily members only: 487 members in one day

Current Posting activity: approx 1,300 - 2,400 new posts/day (that's up to 1.67 posts per minute! )
Current Member registrations: 20 - 30 new members/day

Total forum database size: 720MB
Total monthly visitors: 150,000 - 180,000 visitors/month


Well, if no problems arise while upgrading server scripts during the closure, I'll be seeing you all when reopens on Jan 21, 2002 9pm Brisbane AEST.

So take out your anime collection or go to a friends place and borrow his anime and watch it over and over the next few days and hopefully all of you will be refreshed and ready for some real indepth anime discussions some of which I may be contributing to as well ^_^


George aka eva2000

(back issues were newsletters sent out to forum members on the titled date however were not posted in this forum archive)
be afraid... Admin cap is back... !
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