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All right... WTF?

Someone PLEASE tell me it's a joke.
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Escaflowne Chick
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*reads petition* omg! that's hilarius!
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This was brought up a month or so back...

Yes, it is a joke. It is incredibly sarcastic.
Last time this was brought up, a lot of people thought it was serious though.

But again, let me repeat:

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If you've read through the guest comments you would've realize that 30% of them are giving explanations why anime shouldn't be banned, 15% agreeing to ban anime, 15% realizing that the petition is a joke and the rest can be summarized as: F-ck You.

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Fatal Outlaw
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i cant believe that petition is even going around still, its so old (i think)
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Neo Evangelion
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Yeah, the guy even went on the Oh My Goddess forum here and let everyone know what was up. I'm too lazy to put the thread up, but look around in there and you'll find two threads. One with the actual petition and one with the creator admitting that it was a joke (assuming of course that it is him, which seems likely since some ABers e-mailed him letting him know about the outrage he caused). Booyaka.
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Hasn't that been floating around since last year? or was there another one
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Sara MacD
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I had thought we had seen the last of that stupid petition...
I wouldn't dream of signing it in favor of banning.
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Spike 558
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It is joke right?

And as an observation, that nonsense of a front page isn't doing any good for the Christian community.

And Jesus looke down from his celestial palace in Heaven and saw many people proclaiming to be Christians proposing to ban anime.
Jesus scratched his bread and mused: Funny. I don't recall doing anything like THAT on my time on earth.

The nob who started this all has certainly brought the wrath of the world on his head. Here's hoping he's seen the errors of his ways (Hell hath no fury like an otaku scorned).
And too all those gullible saps who agreed to this petition: you should sit down and see My Neighbour Totoro. Hopefully then you will see that anime is not evil.
If one of my cartoons has brought joy and laughter to just one person, if I have been able to make just one person simply smile and forget their troubles for only a moment, then that cartoon, clearly, was not worth drawing
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A lot of signees appeat to be taking it seriously...
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heh... i remember the first time i looked at at, i took it seriously. but then i relised that not many people who "hate" anime know enough about it to have a decent argument. and i doubt they would know as much as this person... man i felt stupid...
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That is the most HILARIOUS thing I've ever seen in my life LOL
Anime and Cheese live forever!~!~ We love you Hikaru, Umi and Fuu!
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Send a message via AIM to blindside please no.............THE CHRISTIANS ARE AT IT AGAIN!!! RALLY THE PEOPLE!!! TO THE TOP OF MT. SIANAI!!!! WE SHALL STOP THEM YET!!!!!!

lol j/k but that is pathetic
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