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Red face Pokemon and all that other junk

What do you think of Pokemon, Digimon, Monster Rancher etc. all those shows that are dubbed to be Western civilizationed? I say we all flame kidswb for a month then maybe they would take that show off the air, I mean hardly anyone watches anymore except little kids who still play with the stuff in there pants and plus its way to repetitive...well, thats my 10 cents x.x
Anime and Cheese live forever!~!~ We love you Hikaru, Umi and Fuu!
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well, what i think about Pokemon, Digimon etc, well, i really dont have a problem with those, the more anime, the better. although i do have some ill will towards KidsWB, they dont know how to handle anime, they change anime so it would get high ratings but then, it bombs in the ratings, meanwhile, CN leaves the anime as it is (as in just editing the 'little stuff' and retaining the original name, music etc) and it gets high ratings. youd think KidsWB will learn a lesson from them but so
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they lose the coolness that most anime have.............those hundreds of overly cute monsters are a discrase...............WBkids is evil
never lick jellyfish.......

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I don't have anything against the anime series themselves, really... I even think some of the Pokemon and Digimon are cute. The whole theme among them has been sorely overdone, though... not to mention dubs, in general, blow chunks. Westernization by dubbing has turned otherwise cute, fun anime into a bunch of kiddie shows and toy commercials.

What I'm REALLY sick of is the stupid card games. ><
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They may suck ass, especially pokemon (how many times can an electric rat shock people in a balloon?) But at least it is opening the west to anime
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i don't have anything against them... there's not reason to really. however, kids WB annoys me with how they mess up anime. pokemon is actually somewhat decent for a kids' show. it doesn't bother me that it isn't "cool" among otakus to like pokemon... i enjoy it... occasionally. not that it comes CLOSE to being as good as bebop, nadesico, EVA, excel saga... and many others i can list 0.o
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I don't watch those shows because I don't have cable and the few episodes I've watched didn't interest me much. The dubbing tends to bother me as well. If I had the extra time I would probably watch more episodes just to see what appeals so much about them, because they are undeniably popular.

It's something different from the last generation of American cartoons. Let'em go at it if they want.
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Pokemon, Digimon, etc are no more toy ads in Japan then they are in western cultures.
Personally, I like Card Captor Sakura. What it lacks in orginality it makes up for in sheer charm
While there are numerous anime which follow the Pokemon formula, CCS is one such anime, done right!
If one of my cartoons has brought joy and laughter to just one person, if I have been able to make just one person simply smile and forget their troubles for only a moment, then that cartoon, clearly, was not worth drawing
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