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Blue Sub 6

Did anyone see this during Toonami's 5th (?) anniversary? I heard there was a OVA for it, but subbed.

Personally, I thought it was a lot better than most of the crap they have/had on there. (Hamtaro, DBZ, G Gundam, the list goes on...)
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I did see it. It was good.
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I don't care much about the series itself, but the soundtrack is bitchin!
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hmmm... Videogame Depot has the blue sub. 6 OST, is it worth buying?
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Blue Sub 6 is awesome, but i have a question...did toonami show the whole thing because i only seen like 2 episodes
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I only saw the first run way back when, but they did show all four episodes.

I enjoyed it. The CG, the jazzy soundtrack, the semi-mysterious villians and creatures. It was interesting and different. I just wish the DVDs were offered differently. What a rip-off to have a seperate DVD for each episode.
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I was about to say the same thing... each episode is its own DVD, a HUGE ripoff imo... pretty good OVA though
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