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well I just finished this movie about an 1 hour ago. Its defiently not what expected from the movie, it was alot different then what I thought it would be. Its very good in my opinion, its one of those more serious animes without to much action but enough happening to make a memorable movie in my mind. Until I see a more anime movies anyways.
Because I think I'm on my way to becoming a big anime fan.
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I brought Black Jack at Manifest last year and when I got home I found that I had lost it. But considering that it was on sale for $20 I guess it ain't that good.
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The first time I watched Black Jack... I thought it was okay. I don't really care for his character design, and that little girl freaked me out for some reason... The animation was good, and the storyline was okay. Although - like many anime movies - I think it might have been better if it'd been longer and the characters more fleshed out.

I watched it again a few months ago, and liked it a little better. It's not one of my favorites, but it's a good medical anime, and you don't really see too many of those around.

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I found the movie to be passable. I thought that it was defnately unusual though.
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I enjoyed it, is there a TV series?
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I liked the plot, especially the whole medical thriller aspect. If you look in the credits they actually had a technical medical consultant to make sure this stuff made sense! Impressive.

As for character designs, it's always hard to reconcile Tezuka's really old-school, cartoony, Disney-ish designs with modern tastes in anime. His style just looks too cute to be scary! This was noticable in Metropolis too, but I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with it. I got used to it.

My main complaint with this movie is the tacked ecological message that the presenter guy YELLS at the viewers at the end. The save the earth message seemed very out of place and so direct it was pretty annoying. I think it detracted from the story and other themes.

Overall, an ok movie. I've heard there are some OVAs out. Is this true? When were they released?
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