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Ninja Scroll
Bubblegum Crisis 2040
The Slayers
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Well Eva is on top of the list because I saw it ages ago and kept rewatching it until new anime came along. Other than that I'd have to say Kenshin TV and OVAs.

When I buy something new now I'll watch it twice within a few days of purchase and leave it at that. Won't watch it again for a few months.
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Easily - Street Fighter II (animated movie)

Series wise, probably Eva, but I rarely watch the same anime twice
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Originally posted by Eddy
Should urokosokodoji be added to that list?
Hmm..., *thinks about it* Nah..., I don't think I've watched Urotsukidoji that many times all the way through..., though I'm sure I've seen the first 10 mins at least a dozen times.., then someone usually asks me to turn it off...,
And yet more bollocks..,

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Outlaw Star and Trigun. I find that the simple and fun anime is usually the easiest to watch over and over again with little if any breaks in between.

Peace. V
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i usually cant stand watching an anime twice..

but i ended up watching ccs two times. hmm i wonder why
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Re: Your most re-watched anime

Originally posted by orochi X
Well title says it all, what anime title have you re-watched the most?

Me I think it prolly be Castle of Calgiostro, that tape has been rewound so many times
I recorded the DIC Sailor Moon Episodes in 1995. I watched them so much that I had to record a new tape of episodes because the tape was getting "antsy."

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1.Evangelion (especially EOE)
2.BGC 2040
3.Love Hina
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re-watched anime:

-Princess Mononoke-I'd watch it basicially everyday when I first got it on dvd.

-Bubblegum Crisis [original series] This was the first anime that got me hooked. I absolutely love it.
Jessica [aka Whitewolf]
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Well, that bump's two-fold.

First, I'm surprised I didn't make a post here in the past. For my own reference, I would've liked to have known my most rewatched anime at that time.

Second, it's time for an update (or for some new posters). Over two years since this thread was created so I'm sure things have changed... or the rewatched series have been rewatched even more....

If memory serves, three series' are tied as of today.

Serial Experiments Lain, Crest of the Stars and Seikai no Senki I.

CotS and SnSI are always watched together, whereas I leave out SnSII sometimes.

I believe I'm up to six watches for each of those series'.
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1. Ghost in the Shell
2. Gundam Wing (sue me )

Tenchi I could do probably. I just never thought of it.
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Wolf's Rain and Cowboy Bepop.
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Most Rewatched Anime:

Last Exile

Ghost in the Shell: SAC (and 2nd Gig when I get it all )

Outlaw Star

Cowboy Bebop

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Big O. Without a doubt, I own the entire series and I used to stay up late to watch on Adult Swim at 4 in the morning.
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Evangelion for me, probably watched it through about 10 times now. After that probably Cowboy Bebop, watched it through maybe 5 times.
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