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It depends of what do you mean by "intellectual" Do you mean that it isn't just randomless human/mech-fighting? Or do you mean as someone said "It messes with your head" a la Evangelion?

I feel that it is intellectual as long as it makes sense and there is some sort of analysis. And some I would say besides ones already mentioned include:

Conan (detective theme)
Case Files of Young Kindaichi (detective)
Shota no Sushi (cooking/japanese food)
MMR (X-Files~ish)
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As far as I have known anime, the good ones always had intellectual aspects in it.
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Every anime that I've ever stuck with has been long and intellectual in one sense or another:

Blue Gender
Rurouni Kenshin (OAVs and TV series)
The Twelve Kingdoms
Princess Mononoke
NGE (movies and TV series)
Perfect Blue
X the movie
Detective Conan
Now and Then, Here and There
Cowboy Bebop
Full Metal Alchemist
Ghost in the Shell
Last Exhile
Big O
Witch Hunter Robin

GTO even had its moments

To name a few...

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I love intellectual animes, when I see people list DBZ as their fav anime and I list all my fav intellectual animes it gives me a sense of statisfaction knowing that I am superior to them. Who cares if they own a business and I only have one set of clothes, who cares if they have a phd and I dropped out of school at the age of 15. Since my fav anime is Evangelion and theirs is DBZ hat means Me > Them in terms of who is smarter.

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Man, watching Gasaraki right during Iraqi war was really weird. Reading stuff everyday, watching stuff on the tele. Very superficial similarities but still kinda creepy. (The U.S today accused x of possessing WMD..)

Anywho, I found it funny that you mentioned Wicked City as the only hentai style anime in your collection. It was the only one in mine too until I got rid of it. I forgot about Wings of Honnamise, its one I rented from a video store a long time ago. Thinking about it makes me sad somehow.

Anywho, 'thinker' anime..standard stuff. NGE, Lain, Grave of Fireflies.. I own boogiepop phantom but I barely remember what it was about..only that it took me a while to grasp the storyline.
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Haha, yes. Inaccessible anime equals intellectual anime.

I honestly think that one line expresses everything I wanted to say. . . I think I'll go watch Monster now.
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Originally Posted by Nagha's revenge
Inaccessible anime equals intellectual anime.
no, that's not quite it. great stories can be told without being hardly intellectual at all. (f'rinstance, "kidnapped," by robert louis stevenson)

i thought the story in lain was pretty weak, but at the same time, i felt really stimulated by the series, not because of what they were saying, but because of what they were implying, i.e., first, that the truth is often veiled behind a myth, and when the veil is removed, and the actual truth comes out, it is often precisely the opposite of the myth. second, important truths are often concealed behind these myths intentionally, with a purpose to deceive. and third, that there are many, many such concealed truths still out there.
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-Live action Sailor Moon series
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Originally Posted by Nokari
Every anime that I've ever stuck with has been long and intellectual in one sense or another:
Full Metal Alchemist
To name a few...
ahhh.. full metal alchemist.. now that's a good anime.. a friend of mine introduce it to me.. it's one of those animes that really moved me.. elfen lied is also an excellent anime.. even a bit gory
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I tend to like "intellectual" anime as well. Although I do also especially love those that have both depth and action. NGE is a wonderful example of this. Theres plenty of action and amazing visuals and fight scenes and monsters, with a mind-blowing plot to boot.

And then some times something like Lain is nice...something that just defies any real descreption or catagorization (and I find one can only really find that sort of thing in anime).

Haibane-Renmei is great. If you describe it, it seems like it would be incredibly boring and yet its...well its darn near perfect.

I havent finished RahXephon yet, but its shaping up very nicely in that area as well. It actually has less fightning than NGE.

And I would recomend .hack//Sign highly, especially if you have every played massively multiplayer online games. It has wonderful music also, as does Haibane.
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It's funny, I'm rewatching Gasaraki for the first time in awhile and it's actually better on second viewing. It was a bit confusing the first time but certain things are starting to make a little more sense now (like the arc where the TA Pilot goes insane). I'm generally thinking that it's really one of the more underrated series released in the last 10 years.
If by high art you mean it's fun to smoke pot and look at Mike Mignola's art, I'm in total agreement.
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Gasaraki is such a great series. *loves gasaraki*

Boogiepop was good
Haibane was amazing
hack//sign was good, I didnt see it as TOO intellectual, but it was nice and deep (maybe i got that cause i keep remembering the grunty scene)
Paranioa Agent is also a good one to have conversations about, gotta say I liked that one alot.
Rax was also amazing, though I didnt particuarlly like the last two episodes, but thats just me. Anyone else feel that way about it?
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