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Talking The Official Air Master Thread!!

This show has been receiving alot of attention from anime fans. It has become one of the love or hate series of 2003 with most american anime fans not approving of it too much.Ironically, this is the highest rated anime show out in Japan right now!!!?

I am one of those people who is definately fascinated with the show. I've seen the first 6 episodes and I like what I see so far. Maki's use of the Air to do "sick" moves is pretty cool. Not to mention there's alot of fanservice going on here. But I think Mina-chan's breasts and the lesbian overtones are a bit much!! Also the animation is well done. Fluid and good looking. I am awed by the fight scenes. Maki fights gracefully and stunning which makes the scenes look cool. I am definately enjoying this one.

Is anyone else watching Air Master.
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Isn't that the one people who, uh, jump? A lot?
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we all know that fanservice and lesbian action is what makes a good anime.
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Origanally posted by Kizzim
we all know that fanservice and lesbian action is what makes a good anime.

Wow, if it's one of the highest rated shows in japan how come I haven't heard of it before?(Not that I live in japan that is) And is it some kind of Sk8er anime?

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Ive heard of its...

A grand total of twice now.

I dont think its quite that popular somehow..
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I Think Air Master is one of the best 2003 animes so far!!!
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I was checking Air Master out at the convention I was at this summer. It had awesome action sequences, but I didn't that much of it to spot any lesbian overtones.
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