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Gender question

First the good news, I got an e-mail from Amazon confirming my uncut, subtitled Season 1 of Sailor Moon has been posted.

Now I have a question regarding the fifth and final season. Exactly what gender are the Sailor Starlights? Are they girls posing as boys while on Earth? Are they girls who transformed themselves into boys for their time on Earth? Are they boys who transform into girls when they transform into the Sailor Starlights? I've always assumed the first one but I've never been certain.
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They are girls posing as boys. They explain this to Usagi shortly (within a few eps, I think) after the plane ep with the Threelight's movie thingie.

But if you really want to be pedantic, the "disguise" forms can be either male or female (ie. manga Ten'ou Haruka), while the Sailor form has to be female. The only "exception" is Tuxedo Kamen, if you classify Sailor Senshi as carriers of Star Seeds.
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