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Abyss of Hell
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How would you guys watch a anime if you had the whole thing

Now hoping and I know I will get it, I will get Azumanga Daiou, and the pass animes I have goting, I been watching the whole seriesin less then three days. Now the result from doing that, I find myself after watching the whole thing I just go to the next anime and do the same thing, and the cycle go's on. Finally I relizae that I have a habit and need to break it off, so I am content with I have and just enjoy them, and not just go looking for another anime.

Question How will you watch a 26 episode series, or any series for that matter, and you have the whole thing. Now I have my own method of doing things, but I would like to hear your guys opinion on the matter to.
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EVA fiend
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Depends on how engrossing the series is to begin with.., I watched the entirety of Escaflowne in 2 days..., but Gasaraki took me several weeks, as the pacing of the show irritated me..,
But generally, I don't always buy series all in one go (it's too expensive for a start).., I usually buy them one at a time as they are being released..,
And yet more bollocks..,

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Abyss of Hell
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Thumbs up

Yeah because I been trying some new. I will wait until the new series is half way done, or just get the whole series when it is done releaseing all of it's volumes. That way I will get a more impact of the whole in one. And believe me I did that with GTO and man I was thrill with the series and still am.
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I normally try to buy boxed sets or at least complete series so I'm normally in this situation. I don't like forced delays -- the next DVD isn't out or it is, but I have to order it and wait for it to arrive. I'd rather save up my money and wait; the boxed sets are often cheaper than buying all the DVDs one at a time, too. That way I can watch things at my own pace, as fast or slow as I like. I'll usually try to watch one episode a day and stretch things out. I like to make the fun of a first time watching last for a while. It also helps keep some of the suspense when an episode ends on a cliff hanger and you have to wait to see what happens next. Normally, I also don't have the time to sit down and watch a couple of DVDs in one sitting. I might be able to get through one, but a 26 episode series would be finished in about 1 week that way instead of about 1 month by watching one episode a day. I might watch a couple episodes in a row, but I think 1 DVD per day would be my limit. Usually I try to restrict myself to one, maybe two episodes a day.
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orochi X
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It all depends, if I get a full series 26 episodes (mostly I would only get a full series off my friend I don't really purchase boxsets or all the volumes at once) I would generally finish it in a week or so, 3 days minimum if I really enjoy it.

I tend to buy series volume by volume as they get released, thing is if I really wanted to see the series I don't think I could wait that long for the whole series to be released as a boxset and buy it as a whole ..
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I crammed Berserk into one (or maybe two) long ass sittings... It was intense. I prefer doing it in one or two pops usually, when i can.
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I mostly just watch one episode. Leave. Come back in a few minutes times and repeat till I get drawn away doing something else. When watching a series for the first time, I get it finished within a week unless some episodes are not in my reach.
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I usually only watch about two DVDs at a time because I mostly watch anime late at night. Anymore and I start to get tired or get the wanders (especially during the day). Early last year I was going to watch Evangelion all the way though in Japanese becuase I hadn't done it yet. I got up to DVD 7 about six months ago and haven't finished watching it since.
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Abyss of Hell
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Man your guys are as bad as me. I think I will try something new and like for everyday I will just watch one to 3 episodes, and if I want more I will just watch the episodes that I have already watch, then if it is the right time watch the rest.
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Neo Evangelion
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I would definately like to pace myself when it comes to anime series that I enjoy, but if I have a lot of episodes of it onhand, I tend to watch them straight. It just gets so engrossing that I forget about other things. I've never been able to watch an entire series in one sitting (nor would I want to when I think about it), since there's usually something that snaps me out of my anime watching and lets me realize that I have other things to do... Booyaka
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Aaah,there's nothing like ordering some japanese food,sitting down to the table with the four legs cut in half to look like a japanese table and watch a full anime series!For a short -oh so sweet!- moment,you can feel like you have a little part of Japan in your house lol

Seriously,I rarely watch a series all at once simply because I could never buy/download it at once,and I don't have the patience to wait for it.And even if I did have the patience,I'd rather not get a complete series just in case it would get boring halfway in the series(like .hack//sign and Legend of Arislan).
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It depends on what it is, how much time I have, and whether I want to do something else or not. On average I watch 1 DVD a day though, so if I'm in the middle of a series I'll just keep going with that until it's over. Sometimes I'll watch a ton of episodes at once on weekends or something.
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Well, it depends.

When I borrowed the Slayers boxset from a friend, I watched it all in two (!) days, while usually, I'll only watch maybe an hour or so of anime a day, if I have the full series.
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I very rarly buy boxsets. When I do it is on specail(thinks rightstuf). Also, It depends on my schedule. Since I work full time and have other activites I usally only get a show or two in per sitting. Once in a great while though I will sit down and watch a dvd or two per sitting. I did that with City Hunter not to long ago. Ethier way is fine I suppose. I like having to wait for the next volume to get realsed so that way I can think about the plot and get really deep into the subtext of the whole thing. A lot of times me and my friends will just talk about what a certin series is trying to say or what it is convaying. On the other hand some friends of mine have sat through whole series in one complete sitting.
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Personally, I hate buying DVD's of various series as they are released - I hate waiting around to find out what happens next!
But it's the thought of "Don't stop! Keep Going!" that makes me buy my DVD's in bulk. Indeed, I first saw Vandread Second Stage in one sitting - likewise for the first series of Slayers
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