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Red Mech?

I was talking to my friend about Ghost in the Shell, the old movie. He said that 6 years ago he remembers seeing an animated sequence where she pilots a red mech. She fights with it, climbs up a building and gets out or something like that. Now, the old Ghost in the Shell movie contains no red mech, anywhere. So I am wondering, where the hell could who have seen this?
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The spider mechs are called Tachikoma. The video of the red Tachikoma your friend saw was most likely from the Ghost in the Shell video game that was released on Playstation a few years ago. The game featured some animated sequences of Motoko and her Tachikoma eaither as unlockable goodies or to introduce missions. I believe that was the only time the red tachikomas were ever animated. It was a fun game and I enjoyed it a lot! You might still be able to find it used somewhere for cheap if your lucky.


The red Tachikomas were also featured in the original manga but were called Fuchikomas in the english translation because of some foul up during the translation process. I believe it was because the same hiragana/kanji/katakana character can express either the sound 'ta' or 'fu' but I'm not really sure.
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I thought they were just renamed as "Tachikomas" for SAC?

"Ta" and "Fu", while having a similar shape, are easily distinguished. If they mixed up "Tsu" or "Shi", I'd understand, but not "Ta" with "Fu".
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