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Originally Posted by Nulani
But not everyone lives in the US. We can't watch anime on the television, as there aren't any that airs on television. And we can't go down to the local videostore and browse, as they don't carry anime. So we're still dependant on fansubs: To know what is out there and certainly to know if they're worth the expense of importing.
The same thing applies to here as well for the fans especially as Madman relies on ADVFilms for upcoming releases. Also, the minority of people don't have access to cable (ie. Adult Swim on Cartoon Network because of funding). Its strange really that ADV is being anal about boycotting fansubbers when here, its a complete opposite. But of course, everyone wants to make a living so Madman fore warns people who are currently distributing fansubs to cease due to titles coming out from the good ol' people of AVChannel a month ahead before the release dates.

As Heart-kun mentioned above on his post, these companies don't know what they realise that anime has finally and officially become mainstream, rather then a made-for-profit nazis.
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Originally Posted by heart havok
i also know two other fansub distribution places (names undisclosed) that have had letters delivered from ADVfilms about shutting them down if they don't drop all ADV titles.

If one of those distros was "perfectly cubic rhombus", they probably had it coming by containing huge amounts of DVD and CD rips, ISO images of games, and scanned manga.

It'd be nice if the websites could keep their bootlegs and fansubs separate, so when they get these kinds of notices, the fansubs don't go down with the ship. That or they could police their torrents better than they do now- like banning members who seed licensed or ripped anime.

A big problem is the fact that in the digital distro age, control no longer resides in the hands of the fansubbers. ANBU or SS or any other group can stop fansubbing a series when it gets licensed, animesuki can kill links if they have them, but that still leaves several hundred perfect copies already out there for someone else to keep alive or copy and sell on eBay.
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Originally Posted by heart havok
ADVfilms stated that they are completely against fansubbing, and that it's illegal and they aren't going to tolerate it and will do anything they can to stop it as a whole.
HMMMM that statement smacks of hypocracy. The founders of ADV started as fansubbers.
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Heart Havok, I wouldve expected more from you.

Are you telling me you honestly expect representatives of a production company to admit it condones or turns a blind eye to an act which whilst may lurk in the grey areas of legality, is definately not "righteous" ?

Companies always have legal concerns as well as their relationships to consider. We viewers of fansubs should be greatful that we're able to get what we get for free unharassed. It has always been a widely shouted position that anything which gets licensed, should have its fansubbing ceased. I havent seen a Naruto episode in a long time and I dont intend to. I can wait a few years.

Hell, just today I was watching "Excel Sage". I remember when that anime was a very unknown one which had a chance viewing at the local anime club back when I was 15 or 16. I was watching it on DVD and I wish only the best for companies which do this sort of thing. When I got into EBgames etc I see such a wide variety of anime on the shelves that I KNOW I no longer can take the stance "we're just trying to bring anime to the western masses". Thats not true. Now its just "we want to see the latest and current stuff and cant wait". Which is exactly why I used to download startrek as well. (Course star trek sucks and Id never pay for it anyway...)

Sadly I was unable to read the essay. It shows as blank for me.
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