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Appleseed movie was cool...

Yo all,

Did anyone happen to look at Moviefone for theaters in their area playing Appleseed? It happened to me last night. I just came back from seeing Appleseed. For all of you that attended Anime Expo 2004, that was one of the Main animes featured that year. All in all, it wasn't bad. Visuals were cool, and the plot was good too. But it had a complex storyline, one where you had to pay attention to to understand fully. So all in all, has anyone else gone to see this movie too? What y'all think?
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The film isn't out in the cinema's over here, but I got the Japanese DVD boxset just before Christmas.., the Japanese DVD has no subtitles, but from the looks of things, the movie looks like a re-working of vols 1 & 2 of the manga series with various tweaks.., a few of the changes I wasn't so keen on, but I need to watch it subbed to understand it fully..., still, it was worth watching for the visuals alone IMO, an amazing piece of animation..,
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I'm glad its coming to atlanta. Like the inuyasha movie was supposed to, but then they cancelled last minute. hope its good. guess i'll just have to buy it when it comes out
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I thought it was a good movie...

The theater I saw it in showed the dub version...and I wasnt too impressed w/ the dubbing. Im fairly even handed on I went in open minded, but thought it was weak.

The fight scenes and animation are top rate, so are the character designs.

The movie feels like a tweaked final fantasy movie.

The music was hit and miss, and so was the plot.

So watch it
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Smile Appleseed TV series

I heard there is a plan to produce 26 episode TV series to be released in 2006.
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A wee update..,

I finally got my sticky mitts on a subbed version of the 2004 movie.., & I can say that the movie is even more way off base plot & character-wise than the original 1988 OAV..,

As a manga purist, I don't like the movie, the characterisation is wrong, the relationships & interactions between the characters are so different from the manga that it p*sses me off just thinking about it.., they chucked in a couple of bad guys who are so generic it's not even funny.., created a background story for Deunan that doesn't exist in the manga which is utter bollocks.., they changed the ethnicity of Briareos (why?).., I could go on & on & on, but I won't bore you with the details..,

Manga purist aside, the plot to the movie is choppy at best, but if you want a CG feast for the eyes, then the movie is definately worth watching for that alone.., some of the most stunning CG animation I've seen in a while, next to GiTS 2 : Innocence..,
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I own the DVD for U.S. version though I put it on Japanese language. I never tried it on english version yet though I think I never will. I think it was pretty awesome. The storyline I think was really awesome(probably one of the best storyline I seen after Samurai X). I wonder what the creators will do on Appleseed 2. Can't wait until it come out unless it's stupid.
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I finally caught this one on DVD. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I never watched the first one, and from what Eva fiend said, I might have enjoyed it significantly less had I watched it.

In a way, I'm glad I didn't. I really did love this new Appleseed. The story was fairly simple, while set in a very complex plot. The backstory was explained just enough to be satisfactory, and the rest dealt with the current story. As expected, the animation was extradinary. I originally thought cel shading and CG would clash too much, but that mix was done very well for this movie. There were parts that stood out, but overall, it was incredible eye candy.

I don't know what else to say. The story wasn't exactly complicated, and things were wrapped up well by the end. It was just highly entertaining.

It's like those slew of summer action movies that come out... uh, every summer. Most don't have a story, or their attempt at a story is very thin and/or full of holes, but occasionally, one with a good, solid story slips through and manages to impress you. This new Appleseed was kinda like that.
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