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What is the title of this anime?

Aired in early 80's in Japan.
Also a very popular manga.
Main character is a boy who always wears a visor.
Similar to Angelic Layer, but they were not sold, only custom made by wiz kids and controlled by laptops.
The main character has a crush on an older, taller girl.
The miniature fighting humanoids look relatively human, except for the face, they looked more like a mask.
When they lose a "betting" match, they have to forfeit the miniature fighters to the opponent.
The fighting stage is a scaled-down boxing ring, but not always.
The fighting style truly emphasized martial arts techniques.
The fight ends when either of the miniature fighters get damaged beyond function.

If you know the answer, you truly know anime.
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Could it be Plas Wres Sanshiro? .. I scanned the small thing about it from one of my older Newtype USA magazines.

Of course I have no idea about this anime but from reading your thread I recalled reading something like that in Newtype USA.
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good job!

You know anime.
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