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Anyone seen Gantz?

I only really heard about this when I read the uproar about the 2 eps a dvd issue (13 dvds for 26 eps) so after seeing that the first dvd was ripped I decided to check out what all the fuss was about.

Ep 1 was... interesting to say the least.... the rap song intro is awful just like samurai champloo....

the english dub was alright... i couldn't be fucked switching it over to subs...

So how the series stack up after watching all of it?
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Actually I'm curious about this as well. I've seen this anime topping a lot of people's 'best ever' lists. Though most reviews I've read drive it straight into the ground, I should get my hands on it. . . .
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I actually saw the first series on the weekend. That is the edited Fuji TV 11 ep run for a marathon for my local anime club and I was hooked very quickly due to the novel concept but all that 'I can't shoot, I CAN'T!!!!! OMFG I'm like n0tz killing ne1' mentality that you have in ep two continues the whole series which is aggravating and the to the extreme. Actually that’s not really true because there is only one other time in the rest of the series that there is some more fighting, the rest of the seven or so eps you have before the final eps are ‘character development’. The character development is spotty at best, downright painful to watch at other times.

At the end of the day I really couldn't recommend the series but my copy of Vol 1 + Box is on its way to me as I have to see how this show shapes un in the second series but more to the point, I want to see it 'uncut'.

As for the opening theme, I liked it! I tracked down some other music by Rip Slyme but its so godawful that I’m not going to be looking for anymore!
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I've only read the manga, which, although the anime isn't bad, I've been told is better than the anime. But it would be nice to see how they adapted it.
:3 moo.

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