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What anime is this?

Hey guys someone asked me for the title of a anime he described but I didn't know it, so maybe you guys can help out. Here's what I know:

"It was about this boy who had this kinda instrument that was a shell. And he found this Gundam-like robot thing that his instrument was tied to. The robot turns out to be part of a set of 13 that unleashes a 13 headed dragon upon the world once something from each robot is taken. The kid has to leave home cause this group of people wants the robot and it would endanger his family if he stayed. So he leaves with his friend who's shy and stuff with the huge robot."

- Robot's cockpit had like two orbs in which the pilot put their hands into
- Kid also had a sword
- Robot eventually went through metamorphsis
- Bad guys sent a girl to keep an eye on the kid
- Girl ends up betraying the bad guys but then is brainwashed to betray the good guys
- There's a huge Phoenix-like robot

After suggesting it's Escaflowne:
"Naw. Kid had no wings. Plus he's younger than Vaan (Is that how you spell it?). His entire village had evacuated their home planet for this new place. And I can't remember a name. Besides it would be in Cantonese even if I could remember."

- The robot ate rocks.
- One of the bad guys wore blue and his robot used twin axes. He eventually became a good guy.
- The girl sent to spy on the main character was the sister of one of the bad guys. She had pink hair.
- One of the bad guys used a robot that resembled the same shape as a moving clay figure in one of the Doraemon movies.
- Kid went diving into a river to retrieve his sword.
- The shell instrument could calm down the robot.
- The kid participated in a robot battle tournament.
- He ended up having to save the entire stadium.
- The kid had to choose between choosing to save his friend or to gain the power of the Phoenix robot.

N e 1?
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God that sounds so familiar and it's an oldie too... sorry can't help you with a name though.
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