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First post at the board, so "Howdy!"

The last couple of months I've been looking for a couple of forums in order to "yap" about anime from time to time, and this seemed a great spot to do that.

As a quick introduction, I'm a long-time anime fan (though I'm still catching up on some of the more recent stuff that I shouldn't miss out on) having first started watching when I was "knee-high to a grasshopper" with titles such as 'Star Blazers,' 'G-Force,' 'Speed Racer' and the like -- later to be glued to 'Voltron' and other Mecha -- the "old stuff" as I've been hearing recently. I've followed it from one degree or another since and other (more recent) favorites include: 'Ah! My Goddess!,' 'Sakura Wars (Sakura Taisen),' 'Bubblegum Crisis,' 'Getter Robo,' and 'Crest/Banner of the Stars' among others.

Anyhow, look forward to the forums!
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Welcome to anime boards.
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Hola Texcap, welcome to Animeboards and have fun posting.
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Thanks for the welcome, folks!
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