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Thanks eva2000! As I mentioned before, your word is law, so I'll abide by it.
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Originally Posted by ACE2001
Let it go man.......IMO, I think you should be able to send links through PM as the public doesn't have access to it. In no way, shape or form am I doing anying harm here other than introducing my fellow members into a wonderful anime series that could generate some interesting discussion around here. God knows AB needs it right now. IMO I think it sucks that the Japanese don't have to worry about anime being "licensed" or what not. They can watch it with no worries. But with us, we have to wait a year, or sometimes even long to have a chance to watch what the Japanese are currently watching here. Again, this is MY OPINION. Sigh.....

In the end, rules are rules.

P.S. I am getting a strange feeling that you don't like me much do you Fatal Outlaw?
I like how you begin it with "let it go" but go on about for another paragraph with your reasoning P.S. It's not that I don't like you, it's just that I told you before that it was not allowed and you didnt listen, well now that eva2k said it, I hope you don't do it again (Oh, this is the last you'll hear from me, I'm just happy that a mod finally stopped your practices, PM me if you have anything else to say)

it applies to pms as well - but you can talk about the anime all you want

It does sux though the wait we go through to watch new anime
Yes, it does suck, God knows how long I waited for Kodocha to come out. Speaking of that, how's Madman doing with the anime market? That should probably be another topic.
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Watched the first 5 eps and it was awesome, after 120 eps of Naruto this felt real good to watch.
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There is a trailer out of a life action basilisk called shinobi
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