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Planetes - successor to "Wings of the Honneamise (sp)"

This anime is EXCELLENT.

It is about the "Debris Section" of a space corporation, whose job is to pick up space junk. The first DVD has 5 episodes, that tell the story of the bizzare idiots that are in this line of work. A great show.

Great animation, great characters, and a very interesting story.
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Not many post about that serie here, but I agree that it's a good serie, especially when you follow it to the end, one would find very relevent points concerning today society.
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Sorry to resurrect such an old thread, but I just finished this series and I felt like I had to comment. Planetes, while technically a very well made show, was extremely lack-luster and sub-par in many aspects, most notably the story. After having finished it (which was a chore to sit through to the end, but I always finish every series) I can see why it didn't get a great release and didn't sell well.

Let me just say that I really, really wanted to like this show, but I just couldn't...

This biggest problem with this show is the poor writing. The depiction of space was excellent, and realistic, but the characters (or rather one character in particular) was so annoying that it killed my interest. Plus, it deals with topics too heavy-handedly to be enjoyable in any way. If I wanted to watch failed relationships, death from cancer, terrorists, and people acting like a-holes to one another, well, I already have real life. I don't need to see it all again in anime form.

Hachimaki, the protagonist, is the one that annoyed the hell out of me. He's brash, an oaf, arrogant, self-centered, and all around a huge douchebag. The show could have been great if it had centered on ANY other character: Tanabe, Fee, Yuri, even Hakim would have been better. But instead they pick the least likable and least interesting one. What I can't understand are his motivations. He spent his whole life resenting/hating his father for always being away in space and never being there for him and his mother. And then, what does he do? He leaves his girlfriend, family, and friends behind so he can go on a selfish mission for 7 years. What? He whines and moans about being alone, but how can he say such things when he's constantly surrounded by people that love him and reassure him? He's a complete jerk to Tanabe who for some inexplicable reason loves him regardless.

Then, in the end, he still goes away on the Jupiter mission!?!?!?!?! After all that he basically learned nothing and still considers his own happiness and goals above everything else. What was the point of all that anyway? I can't believe that Tanabe would actually be willing to wait for him for 7 YEARS with their child (whom he won't see for 7 years) almost immediately after their marriage. Way to be there for your family, buddy.

Overall, I think the writing was just sloppy and lazy. The show began well, stalled a little during the early episodes, picked up steam around the middle, and then just fell apart in the end. Did we really need 9 episodes about Hachimaki doubting himself and acting like a brat to everyone? He's a bigger whiner than Shinji from Evangelion. At least in Eva we got to see him kick some butt, but Hachimaki doesn't ever do anything but mope around. I get the sense that they had enough of a story for around 20 episodes or so, but needlessly stretched it out instead of cutting it down to 13.

If you want to see a show that depicts space realistically, then Planetes is for you. If you want to see a show with an interesting protagonist and good story, then avoid this one. Two thumbs down.
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It's a great series I enjoyed it very much. The great thing is everything in it is feasible and at the same time employs many great themes and characters. The manga is pretty good too.
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