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Originally Posted by Pengi_Ken-Ohki
The fact you can sit through them does of course just remind me how lucky I am to have you obsessed with me. But enough about you, lets talk about me for a change.
And here I was thinking that you were obsessed with moi.., how deluded of me..,
And yet more bollocks..,

"Touch not the pussy without a glove" - McPhearson clan motto ala IAL :P
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Squall Leonhart
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I like to watch in groups, but rarely do i get to.

Turned out my ex was an anime fiend, watched Trigun in one sitting, i was even exhausted afterwards
"Man, if the White Wolf had stolen the Unit 2. He would of launched the nuke on Kou's head. And by god we would have all thanked him for it."
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I would watch with my ex (the anime loving one ), but usually only if we were watching a movie or the very beginning of a series. Otherwise, I watch completely by myself.
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Isn't this somewhat like drinking alchohol?

If you find yourself watching anime by yourself in the mornings you generally have some sort of addiction problem...

(note the avatar is Yoshizuki Iori from the I''s manga by Masakazu Katsura)
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watching my anime is my only alone time, ive never watched it with someone else, atleast not anytime within the last 5 to 10 years... i tihnk the only anime ive really seen with other people would have to be dragonball z.
. Ave Dominus Nox!
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As with everything else I watch from the goodness that is the big black box, I prefer it with other people.

Who am I suppose to turn to and ask "What does that mean?" or "What did he just say? I missed it cos I was talking."? I don't want to be talking to myself. That'll make me insane. The only person I will not enjoy watching anything with would be my mum. She beats me to all those important little questions.
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Oh yeah, I don't think watching heavy anime like Lain, or crazy anime like Excel Saga is enjoyable with people. Chances are their going to talk, and chances are I don't want to hear it.

Definitely though, DBZ is much better to watch with people than alone, I find. This way at least you don't get bored to death by the endless blabbles and flashbacks, because you can bitch about it with other people or just talk about something else.
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