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Who are your fave Miyazaki animated characters so far and why ?

Of all of Miyazaki's animated characters he's created so far, which 5
ones are currently your personal favorite and please say why, for each
character named ?
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In no particular order:

Haku/Spirited Away - ability to turn into a dragon; standing up to a huge, charging witch.

Musca (or whatever his royal name is)/Laputa - represents the ominous, brooding tendency very well.

Nausicaa/Nausicaa - for portraying the sharp contrast between ideal and the status quo.

Seita/Grave of the Fireflies - for showing the pointlessness of rationalizing conflict for someone caught up in its experiential reality.

Yupa/Nausicaa - for having the skill of getting straight to the point i.e. no interminable twaddle.
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That one guy/That movie- Did stuff
The other fellow/The same movie- Magic?
Little kid/The other one they had- Moved the plot along
Magical creature/You know which one- Crazy antics
Authority Figure/The one from the other day- Kind of a jerk but grows on you.
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