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I hear theres some promising Anime coming....

i was reading one of the earlier threads and i found a list of 50 new animes. Any of these actually worth watching? I checked out Ergo Proxy and so far its what i see as good.
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"Worth watching" is such a subjective term. It's apparent you've already perused through this thread so you should already have an idea of what some of us are anticipating.

As for me, most of the series I'm anticipating are either sequels or shows adapted from manga I've enjoyed.

For sequels, they are School Rumble Second Semester, Aria the Natural, Tsubasa Chronicle Season Two, and .hack//ROOTS. Ah My Goddess Season Two would be included if I ever get around to finishing the first season.

For manga adaptations, they are NANA, Air Gear, xxxHOLiC, TOKKO, and Witch Blade (comic book, I know but close enough).

The last series I'm anticipating is Makai Senki Disgaea. I thoroughly enjoyed the game (what I played) and always thought it'd make a good anime. To my pleasant surprise, it did become one so I have to watch it. Retaining the original VAs is a definite plus.

I'm not familiar enough with the remaining titles so I'll deal with them as they come.
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Witchblade looks like it could be good. Aa! Megami-Sama Season 2 should be good also especially if they don't make Belldandy so naive like they did in Season 1 (in contrast to the manga).

There are tons of anime titles that come out each year, but only a select few are actually in the "good" or "great" category with several more in the "watcheable" category. The rest should be prompty deposited in the trash.
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After watching the NANA movie, the NANA anime is now my most anticipated series. I'm also following the manga (again) as the NA releases come out (just got volume two today, wo0t!).... so you could say I'm heading into a mild NANA overload.

There are many shounen titles set for April yet the series I most wanna watch is shoujo. Whowouldathunkit?

p.s. It better be good!
I'm not dumb, I just have a command of thoroughly useless information.
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