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Anyone seen this title? I've been really tempted to buy the collector's edition (or whatever it's called) since it has all the episodes for $34 US.
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Wow, I would almost consider that a steal at that price, but this show just wasn't that all that great to me. The fighting scenes were pointless, the main character doesn't have any personality at all and neither does the doll.
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I picked up this title because it was cheap too, all 13 episodes for less than 15 (although have it for US$19 at the mo).., it's a rather odd show, produced by Bee Train, the same folks who did Noir.., I love the character designs, the storyline sounds intriguing, the music is downright weird (by Ali Project, who also did the OP theme for Noir), & the apocalyptic setting reminded me of Fist of the North Star..., but whereas FotNS had a certain kind of silly charm, Avenger is souless, primarily due to the fact that the execution of the series sucks balls.., there is minimal character development (i.e., none, which is criminal for a 13 episode series IMO), & the plot is paper thin.., the main character is supposed to be this bad ass female gladiator, which is cool, & tonnes of ridiculous fight scenes would have made this a watchable show, but it doesn't have that many battles.., it has lots of pointless posturing & narrative instead, which is a great pity coz I really liked the animation & the main character.., a wasted opportunity IMHO, & even at US$19, I really can't recommend it..,
And yet more bollocks..,

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