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Looks like there's some good progress is being made in episode five. Seems that Hitomi has become the reason why Satou wants to break free of his hikikomori life and has finally seeked help from Misaki. I'm glad something is happening, but I still wonder where this series will go.

Oh yes so what does Freud say about that serpent, gun, apple etc. in Satou's dream that Misaki wouldn't reveal?
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I"m a little disappointed in Misaki.The way she carried on about her "project" with all that confidence I thought she was going to lecture him with wise words or show him the joys of life or something deep like that,but instead she seems like a psychology student looking for a test subject.But it could still be interesting.
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pretty interesting series. certainly not as light as it leads on in the beginning, not really what i was expecting. the drama factor goes way up as the show forgets the laughs and uncovers more and more despair for the protagonist to suffer through. it gets a bit taxing as a viewer as almost every episode past the halfway mark only holds more suffering.

while the series starts off being able to poke fun at the main character, by the end you can't help but empathize with the poor guy because he really can't get a brake from it. it seems the ---- storm really seeks him out. and the already rare the comic relief kills itself halfway through the series (figuratively, this isn't a spoiler. i feel i have to point this out with this show, you'll understand watching it.).
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Looks like I'm going to have to start watching this series again. I stopped at episode 2! It seems that I quit on it too early.
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Originally Posted by orochi X

Picked up this new series Welcome to the NHK out of curiosity and recommendation from a friend.

It was a change of pace from the current series I'm watching. Surreal and bizarre sort of look social problems in Japan (ala otaku and what not), focusing on our protagonist Satou Tatsushiro who believes NHK (the TV station) are behind some sort of wild conspiricy against him (?).

Well it certainly peaked my interest this series. I'm quite curious to see what Satou will get up to trying to foil NHK's "conspiricy" against him. And what this project is that Misaki wanted Satou to be part of.

Also love the opening sequence animation that hooked me, and the ending is quite a laugh with that weird blue doll dancing and jiving away.
Hmmmm .... I wonder if any of the writer/producers saw the american movie "Network" hmmm ...
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