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Bleach Help


I have not been able to get any new manga in awhile; soI have a question about four characters in bleach:

Ichigo's father: Was he a Captain???

In the beginning of the series, Isshin is portrayed as a silly, fight-loving father who takes a keen interest in what his children are doing, but does it either offensively or with an all-too-happy tone, which somewhat alienates his children from him. Isshin also seems to enjoy making fun of Ichigo and has a tendency to talk to the large memorial poster of his late wife Masaki he has pinned up whenever he feels particularly emotional.

It is later revealed that behind his outrageous guise, Isshin can be serious and grim at times. Notably, he has no time for laughter during the fight with Grand Fisher and the subsequent chat with Kisuke Urahara afterward. He is also revealed to have a great understanding of what has happened in the BLEACH universe, and he even knows about the vizard.

Rukia: Has anyone seen her initial relase? Can you use "Bankai"?

Having finally regained enough of her shinigami powers (since she was no longer using Urahara's gigai), Rukia reveals her zanpakutō's name to be Sode no Shirayuki (袖の白雪 or 袖白雪, roughly sleeve of white snow). Sode no Shirayuki is regarded as one of the most beautiful zanpakutō within Soul Society and is completely white, including the hilt, crossguard, and blade.

The command phrase for its initial release is Mae (lit. dance!) and the blade turns white and a white ribbon forms from the hilt. With the phrase 'First Dance, White Moon' (some no mai, tsukishiro), Rukia can create a circle of influence around her intended target and freeze everything within the circle from the ground upwards until it reaches the sky.

11th Division's Lieutenant Yachiru:

Has anyone seen her soul slayer? Does she carry one?

Kenpachi Zaraki:
HOW STRONG IS THIS GUY? He has an insane amount of spirtual energy. So what would happen when he finally attains his initial release? What would happen it he uses his bankai? Even better, what if he became a vizard????

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You should seriously mark for spoilers. People watching only the anime won't know what the hell you're going on about.


Isshin: Nothing further has been said about him since the revelation that he is a shinigami. I eagerly await exploration of that plot thread, but it seems I'm going to be waiting a while.

Rukia: No Bankai as far as I know. I don't know what you're asking when you say "Has anyone seen her initial release?" because, uh, obviously people have seen released-form Sodeno Shirayuki.

Yachiru: Her Zanpakutou release has never been shown, that I know of. Even the official character book doesn't give a name for it.

Zaraki: Pretty goddamn strong, heh. Well, I doubt he's ever going to find out his Zanpakutou's name or anything, because a) he likes to fight with a handicap (i.e., the eyepatch), and b) the #1 rule of shounen manga is that no one is ever allowed to be stronger than the hero for very long. So really, he could probably be the strongest fighter in the series if it weren't for those factors.
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Originally Posted by snowcherry
. . . b) the #1 rule of shounen manga is that no one is ever allowed to be stronger than the hero for very long. So really, he could probably be the strongest fighter in the series if it weren't for those factors.
Mind everyone I'm avoiding reading this thread to thoroughly, I'm just a geek that's replying.
Actually rivals, teachers, and off the wall neutral characters can be stronger than the protagonist for a very long time, if not all the time. On more than one occaission the rival is a teacher (of sorts) or the teacher is an off the wall neutral character. Zaraki is neutral he won't interfere with the storyline. Of course I'm one of those people who's been meaning to read the manga for ages now.
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You are so right and Im so sorry if I messed the story up for anyone. I was pulling 24 hour duty and my shift was about up. I was doing everything I could to stay awake. My appologies. I will edit now.
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