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Always good to learn something new.

Yep.. I learned something new about myself today. I like yuri. No, not Yuri as in half of the Dirty Pair.. wait, I like her too, scratch that. In addidion to Yuri, I also like yuri the genre. I'm really getting into Strawberry Panic. I never thought I would like something like this, I mean I'm a guy, and I think things like "GGW: Dormroom Fantasies" is pretty swell, but just the relationships in SP are becoming pretty well defined. Is it just me or do Nagisa and Tamao seem an awful lot like Sakura and Tomoyo in CCS? So far the series seems "normal" in that it's just about relationships (all girl-girl, by the way). Yeah, I'm enjoying it.. Maybe it's because all the other things I've seen recently have been VERY depressing, and this is pretty light so far.... Maybe there will be a mecha or two in a few episodes, guess not huh?
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