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Thumbs up Planetarian

I put this in General Anime instead of Games becaue Planetatian is not a game. It's a Visual Novel, not even a single choice or alternate endings. I just had to say a few words about it. I really enjoyed it. It is from KEY (Kanon, AIR), so that is the kind of story to expect. The really great thing about it is you can read it in english with the patch from Insani. The character designs and music are exactly what you would expect from KEY. I love the song "Gentile Jena" on the soundtrack. If you go looking for Planetarian, there is a full voiced version and really small like 50mb version, the small one is the one you want, as Insani's patch is designed around that one. They are the same except the small one only has voices at the begining and end. It only takes a few hours to go through the whole thing. Perfect for a rainy day. In fact a rainy day REALLY perfect.. get it and you will know of what I speak. I doubt it will make it into true Anime form, it would be nice for an OVA or movie though.
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I loved going to the Planetarium. What a delight this nostaligic trip down Memory Lane has been.
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