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Gundam Unicorn

Well I've been looking for info on the supposed new series. I've found one Gundam Unicorn although it seems to be a novel only.

I saw a picture of the Gundam Unicorn and it seems to be a Gundam with a horn on it's head (haven't got the link to that though. Also the story seems to be set in UC.

I got the following info on the characters on Gunota:

""From the early release of Gundam Ace:

Character Designer: Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

Characters: (English spellings are subject to change)
Banarji Links - 16 year old boy who attends Anaheim Industry Technical School. Currently resides in an industrial colony named "Industrial 7". Having never experienced any disturbances or conflicts like the One Year War, war to him was fictional. After meeting a girl, he becomes involved in an event that shakes the world.

Audrey Burn - 17 year noble girl with sapphire-colored eyes. She comes to Industrial 7 with a certain purpose, but her fate changes after meeting Banarji.

Full Frontal - Mysterious man called the "2nd coming of Char". He pilots a red MS and rallies the remnants of Zeon with his high charisma. Fights against Earth Federation Forces over "the secret" to the foundations of the Universal Century. Contrary to the meaning of his name, he trifles with Banarji and company with enigmatic behavior. Age unknown.

Summary of Fukui's comments:
- novel starts at UC 0001, in which a major event occurs which forever influences the Earth Federation and Earth.
- The main story setting occurs in UC 0096.
- Based on the mystery, it reflects back on 100 years of UC."""

Also from other web sites I found a link to pictures of the three characters (and yes, Full Frontal is his name. He's the one on the right)
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Heres the pic

and from what i have read it will be the next Gundam, after they finish the seed/destiny stuff.
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Interesting. And back in the UC timeline too I see. Well I hope they make an anime out of this. TBH, I'm sick of all the teenybopper crap they did with Seed. Seed is garbage now. End it with a nuclear war and kill everyone (with kira getting an extra painful death). I'm so sick of Fukada and his stupid wife ruining what could have been the best Gundam series.
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There was a Gundam Evolve clip that had the Green Divers version of the Zeta Gundam. It was said to be piloted by someone nicknamed White Unicorn. If you take a look at the Gundam itself it has the Insignia of Amuro. The very distinctive A design seen on Nu Gundam's sheild.

Although it's a little off topic. I just thought maybe.... there's a second coming of Amuro as well eh? I mean, the main character does look like Amuro. And he even has the Anaheim Electronics logo in his jacket. If Amuro hadn't become a pilot I'm sure he would've ended up an Engineer for AE.
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