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We have a forum called Introductions to introduce new members.

Anyways, welcome to the boards and enjoy your stay.
...NYA! :3
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Originally Posted by AnkaraStark
The reason it said you didn't have any posts was because you posted this in the General Non-Anime Discussions forum. This particular forum disallows post counts to increase with each individual post, unlike the rest of the forums.

Oh, and welcome to the forums.
Shhhh, stop ruining my fun.
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Well... they only say it every time someone new comes.
...did you know they can hold a liter of water?!?

-Sosuke Sagara

"We have begun third impact!"

My very own nOOB= Kaneda
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Welcome to the boards and have fun.
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Originally Posted by hakai
Shhhh, stop ruining my fun.
Hehe... Okay, I'll refrain from further correction.
"Everyone has a right to be stupid. Some just abuse the privilege."

Irish Diplomacy: The ability to tell a man to go to hell so that he looks forward to the trip.
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Hello and Welcome Zemlianika.
Bad Boys:/ ReMix...{Anime Style}....

Anime fans, what ya goin do.
What ya goin do, when anime comes to you.
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I hope that you enjoy your stay
Why Am I Fighting to Live, If Im Living to Fight.
Why Am I Trying to See, When there's nothing in Sight
Why Am I Try to Give, When No-one Gives Me a Try.
Why Am I Dying to Live, If Im just Living to Die
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