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Bandai-Ent's R1 release of Gunbuster.., ^_^

My copy of the R1 DVD release of this series by Bandai-Ent/Honneamise arrived earlier on last month, & watching it again gave me the same sense of awe as when I watched it for the first time back in the early 1990's. The visuals have been cleaned up & re-mastered which is a double edged sword unfortunately; on one hand, little details that I hadn't noticed before were more easily seen (the space dock yard for building the Eltreum really do look like the sprues of a model kit now), but on the other, the visuals though clean & crisp, show it's cel-based origins, & it does look a little dated when compared to more recent shows.
Sadly, the sound has not been re-mastered into 5.1, so it's probably true that the final audio mix is the only audio track available of this series.

I do have a complaint about the subtltles though; whilst the dialogue translation has been cleaned up, the authoring of the subtitles leave a lot to be desired in places, either missing entirely, or completely out of sync. Thankfully, this only occurs a few times, so it's a minor quibble if anything.

The DVD's also included three teaser trailers for the series that I had never seen before; the first depicted an underwater training scene back at the girl's high school; the second showed scenes from the battle in the orbit of Halley's comet, prior to the arrival of the Gunbuster on the battle field; & the final trailer showed the creation of the Sizzler series of machine weapons. Seeing these three trailers for the first time was worth the cost of the boxset IMO.

So if you're a Gunbuster fan, get this boxset. You won't be disappointed, & it's well worth every penny IMHO.
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You know what's funny...I never watched Gunbuster! Looks like now would be a great time to pick up the DVD release.
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Well, it's a great series. It started the 'gainax bounce' as it is known today.
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