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Originally Posted by John Faulkner View Post
What's the point in falling in love with an anime character when you know that the character is not real and will never be real?

That's like channelling a large chunk of your instinctual energy into an illusion, and not only that, willingly.

You say that you fell in love with Amiboshi from Fushigi Yuugi, but conceptually, that's like channelling a large chunk of your instinctual energy into Captain Haddock whilst reading a Tintin book. Both require fixation on pieces of film or paper that, in themselves, don't really mean much in reality.
All true.

And for me, that is the entire point of fiction. To lose yourself in a different reality; to lose yourself in somebody else. To become another person to the point where you can feel what they're feeling, and you really care what happens to them, because they are real to you. Without that, the fiction is bland, and shallow, and... boring.

I mean, seriously. What's the point of fiction if you don't care about any of the characters?

Also, to put it another way... I once wrote something similar in a comics board (regarding why I'm in love with Daredevil), and somebody responded something along the lines of, "it sounds like reading is something of a cathartic experience for you." This is also very true.

Which kind of goes back to what you say of, "That's like channelling a large chunk of your instinctual energy into an illusion, and not only that, willingly." I make no apologies for this. This is the entire point of fiction, and it is very rewarding. Without that, the experience is very shallow and dull.
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I always thought Ryoko from Tenchi was hot/ The english dubbed voice was sexy too.
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