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Talking Mirage of Blaze

I just finished disc 1, episodes 1-4. The synopsis:

The spirits of a bunch of dead war lords and soldiers from the fuedal era have come back from the dead to re-fight their wars in modern Japan. A small team of "Possessors," other dead people from the fuedal era who take over the bodies of living people, must stop them and save the world. Their leader possesses the body of a high school student named Takaya, although he doesn't buy the whole story.

Actually, it has been fairly entertaining and somewhat interesting up to now. There is a complex backstory which is told verbally by the characters. As long as you don't think about it, you won't be too confused.

I'm sticking with the series for now.

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This sounds very familiar........I think I've seen a couple of episodes.....
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Well, I finished the series, and I give it a mixed review. In the last few episodes there were some good cliffhangers, but early on you can see the plot twists coming a mile away. The action scenes are well done -- what there are of them. But with all the different clans and families, rivalries and alliances, the storyline gets pretty confusing. And there is one gay character, if that gives you a problem. Or that may be a selling point if you are into that sort of thing.

Overall, I rate Mirage of Blaze as average. Its good, but not great.
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