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Baccano!, one of the many new series to start recently. Currently up to episode four (episode three sub wise). Just watched the first episode and it's got me interested. So it's set in America in the 1930's revolves around gangsters and mafia types but has a supernatural twist, some of the characters are "immortals". First episode just sets up some of the many and I mean many characters, and that's where I begin to worry. From the opening sequence we are introduced to a lot of characters and this series which is pinned for thirteen episodes, I worry that most of these characters will get little to no development and that this series might end up being rushed. Other then that I really like the setting for this anime, I mean when was the last anime series that was set in America and was about the mafia?

So anyone else watching this?
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Yep, only seen the first episode and it's very interesting, 2007 has been a great year for anime so far and the October season is stacked. I'll watch the other 2 subbed and hit this thread back with some thoughts.
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