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Kodocha ssn1 opening song - Someone confirm?

According to wiki, Kodomo no Omacha / Kodocha licensed version doesn't have "7 o'clock news" as an opening.

Or does it?

I'm confused. Is it just the first ep (001?), or is it all of the American release? With ep1 having to remove additional references? Although it says "Japanese version" so does that mean even the originals had to remove it?

I ask because I always wanted that series, but that song is important. I knew that song before I ever saw the series. Worse comes to worse I guess I can buy the licensed copies and then download originals.

Man, I didn't realise it kept going. Looks like it gets rougher too. I must've stopped watching around ep 40-ish.

EDIT: If you don't know what Im talking about
looks like commenters on youtube havent heard it before on US release. Sucks.
Heh, this version is neat too: now I gotta find the NGE version. Damn that opening is well known and loved. Farking contract bullshit.

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