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I have just finished disc 1 (episodes 1-4) of this series. It seems to have some promise, but through episode 4 it is nothing special.

Tetsu wants to join a group of samurais who are connected with the government, or something like that. His goal is to get revenge on those who murdered his parents. But to do so, he may have to give up his humanity. So the series has a potential to be quite dark. Except that Tetsu is just a dumb kid who is treated like a dumb kid, although I am sure that this will change by the end of the series. He's the goddamn hero, after all.

Anyway, there is blood -- just so you don't think this is a kids' series. There are also gay references.

I watched each episode in English and in Japanese with subtitles. There is not much different between the two, and the series is not so complicated that each episode has to be viewed more than once. Plus the English dub has several characters speaking in an American southern accent. It sounds dumb. So I am only going to watch the remaining episodes in Japanese with subtitles.

Netflix already sent to me discs 2 and 3, so I have to see at least half of the series before I decide if I want to give up on it or not.

Has anyone else seen this series?
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So, no one else has seen this series?

I just finished it. I rate it as average. It is entertaining, but it takes a while to tell the story. You have has much plot development in the first 12 episodes that you get in 6 episodes of other series. Around episode 12 is when the series starts to pick up anyway. Things reach their climax in episodes 22 and 23. Episode 24, the final episode, is sort of an anti-climax as the series ends with a thud. I thought they were building up to something more dramatic.
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I've gotten the box set of Peacemaker and I think it's a good anime. Although it didn't go to where I expected but it did do a good job on the story. There are some very weird episodes in the anime that I found made the anime sort of disappointing. And yeah I also thought they were building up on a dramatic part for the anime, which didn't do a whole lot for the anime.

I rate Peacemaker as good, or above average.

If those of you who are tired of just watching samurai being serious and all, Peacemaker actually shows the good side of Samurai life, or Shinsen Gumi.

By the way, I don't think they allow double posting in here.

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i liked it. it's based on a lot of real people, but a lot of them did not do too well in the war that takes place after the series ends.
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hmmmm ... I rented the first disk from blockbuster awhile back, but found it lackluster and a bit boring ... I guess I was trying to find a substitute for Rurouni Kenshin and so was doubly disappointed in it. In any case, due to my initial view and that of other internet reviews, I gave up on the series.
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