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Anime That Makes You Genecidal

I should have realized that after watching 85 episodes of Rurouni Kenshin that the whole series was going down hill. Alas, 'should have' and 'have' are of a completely different tense. *SPOILER (kinda)* They were so lazy on the last episode that instead of drawing they thought they'd just throw in last years vacation pictures. I won't even mention the Evangelion'esk clip at the beach house they squatted in.

What anime have you seen recently that made you want to kill an entire racial, political, cultural or religious group?
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DNA^2 had me goin.
Also, Geneshaft.
And Patlabor 3.
uhm...Trinity Blood...

uh...oh man this is hard. My brain was not designed for this. Its kinda like a tape drive.
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Actually most of the animes that are aimed at girls gets me all worked up, I just hate the sheepish behaviour whenever they keep onee sama this onee sama that, idiolising some twisted idea of perfection. I guess I will never understand womens.

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