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John Faulkner
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The Great Vigil For New Members; Something Current Members Can Do Other Than Meditate

Since new members signing up after 15.09.07 can see this forum, but cannot post, in order to maintain their interests until they are allowed to, I propose that current members try to hold a "vigil" in this thread. We need to appeal to their spirits so that they will keep on coming back, despite the denial of their free speech.

This is also a great opportunity for members who can post to write something, rather than meditate when they find that there is no new reading material knocking about (again).

The idea is to post something spiritual, and which ties in with the theme of the struggle of new members to gain the right to post. This could be, for example:
  • A poem/part of a poem
  • A song/part of a song
  • A spiritual picture
  • A prayer

So, to provide the starting link to this holy chain:

Fate can be cruel, but it can also be kind.
So it is that we can post at AnimeBoards and they cannot.
In this dark, unholy, godless night,
We pray for them.

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